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I think this quote pictured below by Frankl is powerful. If you can't find meaning you are preoccupied with pleasure (escape). (However, you will always need a little pleasure and a little fun).
HERE YOU GO: Positive Psychology 101: PERMA (5 universals of happiness; global)
P= Pleasure/Positive Emotion (good times)
E= Engagement (Activities that fully occupy your mind, senses, focus-being in the zone)
R= Relationships: Increase supportive; decrease toxic
M=Meaning: What do you believe in? What is the meaning of life? Why are you here? What is your why?
A= Achievement: What are your wins? Savor the good things you do; don't just notice the bad.

MEANING: This is the area I am working on. I am going through a bit of an existential crisis. Seeking. I am having trouble making sense of the world/culture. I don't struggle with my "why". I know what the mission is and I know where my focus should be. I do question my place in the world "outside the mission" and outside my duties as a father. What else is there? Or...should there even be anything else? Why?

Even if you are seeking... that is better than just sitting there empty.

jonesy852515 3 Feb 19

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I struggle with finding meaning in this age of leisure we are in. I see needs that are not being addressed and I strive to address those needs. It does give me meaning and purpose but I also experience this "weight" holding me back...akin to a sisyphean task...Others don't appear to care but do they? Should I not care? Does it matter after all? Is this part of the process of finding meaning?

Others may care but not be able to handle the depth of the problem. The gravity. And many just want to get home and watch American idol


I think each individual gives his/her life meaning by doing hobbies and other things in life that give a sense of achievement and accomplishment. With that said, never a bad thing to ponder deeply on such topics.

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