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Good news, residents of Baltimore

Mike Huckabee

Your City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced that in the name of racial justice, reform, etc., her office will no longer prosecute “low level crimes.” These include drug and drug paraphernalia possession, prostitution, trespassing, traffic offenses, open container violations, and urinating and defecating in public.

Baltimore is run entirely Democrats. Its last Republican mayor left office in 1967. Last year, Baltimore residents complained about the crime , bad schools and people dumping garbage in their neighborhoods, all problems the city was either unable to fix or refused to deal with. A great Republican Congressional candidate, Kim Klacik, drew attention to all this and told voters they didn’t have to keep putting up with it. They instead elected her opponent, Democrat machine politician Kweisi Mfume, with 73.8% of their votes.

At this point, I don’t know what it’s going to take to open the eyes of voters in Baltimore and other longtime Democrat-run cities to what the Democrats are doing to them. Now, in addition to the crime, gangs, bad schools and trash dumping, they’re going to allow open drug use, trespassing, prostitution, urinating and defecating on your neighborhoods while telling you they’re doing it in the name of reform and justice. Don’t forget to thank them before you reelect them.

Weltansicht 7 Mar 30

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Gotta wonder if these legal changes are in preparation for 'peaceful protests' and 'autonomous zones". First they change the laws, then they have an excuse why they can't or won't prosecute.


I have a feeling that like most things the government does, this will make things worse.

could be....I wonder if they used dominion voter machines hmmmmm


so tell us about the attached photo - is that a recent pic or was it taken during last years riots? what's up with the smoke coming out of that tall high rise building?

the photo is from a TV show Fringe from the other side ~ parallel universe

There was no photo with the letter I shared, so I added it. I thought about putting one of those real ones from Maxine Waters' district in California, but eh.....


I have long been in favor of de-criminalization of drugs and prostitution. But this arbitrary rash decision is not the right way to go about doing that. As for public decency statutes (public urination, defecation, lewd behavior etc) non-enforcement can only lead to more serious problems for the Baltimore.
The one part of her sudden announcement that is most worrisome is the decision to not enforce the law on criminal trespass. This puts a massive burden upon businesses, homeowners, and the police department.
Think about that one for a hot second. People can and will walk into your place of business (thinking restaurants in particular) and simply hang around, lounge around bother paying customers, generally become an unbearable nuisance...what is the store owner, manager going to do? The cops won't respond to such calls now. This can only lead to violent confrontation - the good citizen will have no choice but to fight and risk being arrested and criminally charged himself.
Then there is trespassing on your private property - you own home...nothing good can come of this. Nothing good at all.

one of the pics I considered was the guy taking a crap on the streets and I was always like posting the simple solution


Businesses will flee and tax revenue will decrease. Brilliant.


Absolute insanity.

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