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Speak your mind on who you're voting for in the 2019 Canadian federal election without bashing the opposition.

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Slavistani 3 Feb 24

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I will be voting the Peoples Party of Canada. They are still relatively unknown for the general population, however I feel once the debates start Max will bring up issues that are important with most Canadians that the other parties don't want to touch.


I would have gone with Conservative however Scheer seems just as skilled as Trudeau at evading direct questions.

It might be that he is heading down what he perceives is the home stretch and doesn't want to rock the boat but since part of his rhetoric is about Trudeau not answering direct questions I don't think he should be able to cherry pick.

Either answer direct questions from people you need to vote you IN or stop pointing fingers at others doing the same thing as part of your platform.

I do not need to be told how unqualified and cross culture dressing Trudeau is, I want to hear what you will DO.

The NDP have helped destroy Saskatchewan and Alberta So I see nothing there.

As for the rest...splitting the vote is all they can do for now.


I might vote Conservative, but I am highly considering the People's Party of Canada. In the end, I want Trudeau out of power, and he can take his socks with him.


I will vote Conservative in the upcoming election. The Conservatives are the only realistic hope to get Justin Trudeau out of office. I will be voting out Trudeau because of reckless spending with borrowed money.


This new option in Canada intends to shrink government, respect capitalism, and dismantle political decisions and legislation that pander to identity politics. The People's Party, in its launch platform, is Libertarian.


If I lived in Canada, I'd go with the Libertarian Party.

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