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I think it just needs to be said that just because something is posted here does not necessarily guarantee that it is true. Each of us is responsible for what we believe, ESPECIALLY if it is something we really WANT to be true. Let's always keep critical thinking alive. We have an amazing platform here, let's keep it amazing. πŸ™‚

DanTheMan 5 Feb 26

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Don't believe what I post research what I post.



And someone that believes something that isn't true that claims to have personal integrity needs to 'fess up when the discover the truthfulness

At one time I believed Lemmings would commit mass suicide by running off cliffs into the ocean

Just as the Disney show depicted

Disney LIED


I agree with you completely... Blindly believing something you see/hear/read just because you (even unknowingly) WANT it to be true is always a bad thing. It's one of the main things that has destroyed journalism, IMHO.

I like to listen to as many different views as possible, then choose for myself. If something comes along to challenge, change or cause question that thinking, the analysis cycle has to start over with factoring the additional information.


Yes, confirmation bias is an ever present demon requiring constant personal vigilance.


I agree with your comments. I am new and curious to see how this new 'place' works out in a few months. πŸ™‚


Always check your beliefs and your source before opening the pie hole... except if you saw it on Facebook... if you saw it on FB it is correct, to quote the late President Abe Lincoln...


Definitely. We must however try to present our own opinions with the appropriate level of conviction, otherwise the discussion gets dry really quick.


Your beliefs and opinions can and should change over time. If they don't, I think it's safe to say you aren't learning and growing as a person. This seems to be a sorely understated truism.

Unless I got it right the first


Why we are here.


I concur.


Even when u have great sources to back up your beliefs it is possible to still be wrong and that is what these forums are good for. The exchange of ideas and beliefs, as long as it is civil even in disagreement, so that more information can be passed to others that they have never been exposed to before. I always have sources for claims I make but I'm the first to admit I could be ignorant of newer sources or even older sources due to limited time and the broad spectrum of sources available. I'm always open to being proven wrong and hope others can prove me wrong from time to time so that I do grow and learn. We can disagree and still be friends as long as people don't go to petty insults and such. So far, this site is the best I've seen in that regard and I hope as it grows it dot take a turn for the worse.

You and I both are hoping for that much.

Agreed, and thank you for verbalizing/writing this.

I agree with your thoughts here.

Personally every time I have been that lazy guy and quickly share an article or post because I agreed with the title, thinking I already know what’s inside. It bites me in the ass and I usually end up deleting later after I get called out for me sh*t. I like accountability, even if it’s my own. We need more of it in today’s social media, or media in general really.

Growing up it was always frowned upon to talk religion or politics. I think people in general have avoided these topics for so long that as a society we need to re-learn how to debate them.


Exactly, let's metaphorically take our shitty shoes off before coming inside

Personally I really strive to NOT walk in or get information from shitty sites! I really hate passing infections on even IF inadvertently which is why I was so happy to find this site as I get the feeling everyone thinks before commenting. I may not agree with what they think however there is a thought process in place not merely knee-jerk reaction which should keep things real!

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