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There IS GANG violence in Victoria - they're NOT groups, they're damn GANGS - organised GANGS!

Victoria govt accused of 'hiding' gang violence because of 'political correctness'.
Brighton MP James Newbury has asked why the Victoria state government is "hiding" reports of shocking violent attacks and sexual assaults allegedly perpetrated by youth gangs.

"All of the major issues have been reported, so we know the police know. Why is the state government hiding this stuff?" he said.

"If gangs are travelling into any area to commit heinous crimes, why would you cover it up?

That's what the community's asking. "The police are saying to me privately they're being told to report these incidents as 'groups' rather than 'gangs' and not to whip up hysteria in the community." Mr Newbury and residents have called for urgent action with concerns the violence is getting out of control.

"The idea that it's being covered up is outrageous ... and not admitting that these are gangs I think goes to political correctness," he said. "I can only go by what the police are telling me privately and what they're saying is they've been told not to report the race because it will create other issues.


w0tn0t 7 Apr 13

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The Gestapo do not like the average Australian, they treat us lightly with irrelevance and with negativity, they make it very clear they are not our friends when they speak to us. I would be ashamed if my 25yr old son joined the Police (Gestapo) FORCE. They are traitors to the Australian culture and are problematic and contribute largely to Australian citizens and migrant problems and disruptions. They have forgotten their real job of employment by the tax payer.


It's been going on for 30 years.

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