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"A thought"! "Was Covid a Bio Weapon used on citizens of the world by the NWO overseers" (eg:WHO, UN, IMF etc) and our new destiny masters, the Gates elite? Were we deliberately targeted and contaminated? Is this even legal for a select few that can buy anyone or anything they please to, for what ever reason they see fit. Gates lot and the Rothchild's controlled power and web dictate too, and own countries by way of their loans, under the table favors and back scratching mates for power. Gates has openly declared in public several time he thinks the planet needs less people and fast. Look what he did to Africans a few years back, paid uneducated, simple and lowly women money to sterilize them without their full understanding of what was happening to them. Where was the media??

Forra888 7 Apr 21

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Yes? ALL democracies are under coup by the nwo = 4th reicht... its the same script different actors... trump = johnson = macron. "corona (coming to power) virus" is a masked attack on all democracies. "we have americans wearing facial coverings like women in middle east"... not sure whose quote that is, it just came to me, im in united states of babylon the great.


I question if the CCP released it to help crush the protests in HongKong. Shutting down economies worldwide might have been a happy side effect for the globalists.

They had to stop Trump.


All things are possible. It seems sure it came from a bio lab, accident or intensional. The Chinese officials were either complicit in its spread or totally inept. Then you have W.H.O. are they stupid or cunning.
After that you add in the governments. All these things can be said about them.
Humans are capable of such greatness and at the same time are so stupid.
It comes down too the human race being "BATSHITCRAZY"

no, it comes down to civilians worshiping political runner up, tv series stars, thief computer programer turned disease expert and a dr nobody heard of. it was created to kill off elderly, children with prior conditions and lower immune systems in gates publically stated plan to depopulate 3/4 the global population and keep spiritually dead sheople as slaves to control. were under coup from the "new world order" aka the 4th reicht... YOU don't even "notice" WE are in tribulation because your too busy being self "right"... humanity isnt stupid, vanity is... Noahs days

@HeyokaSeekr696 Ok! We are all evil bastards. And "BATSHITCRAZY"
All the world is mad, except Me and Thee and I'm not too sure about Thee?

ummm no, actually WE are spirits in flesh avatars. WE were perfect immortal children before WE were kicked out of garden of Eden. this has been our spirit vision quest to reclaim "our inheritance"... our immortality back. just pray and introduce yourself to Jehovah "GOD" and ask for it back. he will instruct YOU and blow your mind. they wanted us to think were worthless scurge to the earth... THEY phkd it up in greed, not us

@HeyokaSeekr696 Really hope it works out for you and yours.

actually "friends & family" turned against me... the only mammal on this planet that chose to be my friend is pyscho kitty, we would thank you but not sure what ya mean by "hope it works out for you"... as Jehovahs "sack cloth prophet"... you need to think bigger because im here for YOU... i really hopes it works out that humanity unites with me for our eternal freedom through (war chief) Jesus instead of opposing "us" (heaven) for eternal self judgement... but it is your free will. id really like to say "good luck etc" but its not gonna get any better and ALL of YOU will seperate, be seperated from ALL of "yours" as the tares are sifted and ALL truths will be revealed so YOU have no outside influence in your discernment of the facts when you decide who your Elohim (Master) will be for eternity... "YOU can only serve one "Master" (Elohim) bible. im warning YOU WE are only mortal in the flesh... its a choice of demon possession through satan or Holy spirit possession through Jehovah "GOD". "Jesus judement" = (war chief) Jesus calls your spirit to self judgement with wisdom of all... for eternity. ive faced his call to self judgement... i found myself free from judgement but realizing Jehovahs power through Jesus... Jehovah was my friend before my Father before my Elohim... it put fear of Jah in me... it is the power of existence. a gentle touch from Jah sends ripples across oceans ... "the butterfly affect" .... "woodstock" was the last greatest outpouring of Holy spirit. it was only supposed to be 10,000 tickets sold... WE stopped paying. fences = tore them down. no parking = parked in the street. no murders no rapes no deaths... "time" is only a temporary dam of passing eternity regulated by "black holes. cerns "black goo" is non used matter... to define space. Jahs canvas. as 1 of the 4 huemans honored to be on Jehovahs heavenly council, as a physical and spiritual witness to Jehovah ... "our" Father is to confining for him... the Father it I can assure YOU he is good... well i believe in 2 corinthians Paul reveals that the "Holy spirit" IS Jehovah... he has been by our side the whole time... only thing that seperated us was free will... all WE have to do is introduce ourselves to him ... by the english translation of his aramiac warrior name ("YaHoWaH" ) translated as Jehovah... so he can count cou on those who chose to be his enemies and they will utter it fear. of course Jehovah was a warrior before he was our GOD... my big brother (war chief) Jesus was ancient before he was hueman... it hasnt been revealed how old my spirit actually is yet... i do know: I AM marcus, a Heyoka mountain lion spirit of Judah (WE didnt eat the innocent believers so WE were rewarded with hueman form). bloodline to the honorable prophet Jeremiah also referred to as Geronimo. i do know in my last life i was stabbed or shot in the heart... i do know when i ask Jah what my raw bone purpose is i immediatly seen myself through his eyes... before him in his throne (hes big, and he has a lean to the left in his throne) i was gesturing as i laid out the strategy to this life ... next thing i remember is at 7 months old my spirit coming to this soul... such a beautiful innocent memory... i did not "steal" this soul, it was created for my purpose... and i came to the complete understanding of my strategy... i was to create a Holy spirit explosion in around 1979... but somehow my "family" forseen me... id passed all the stages necessary... but my "dad" stopped it 2 weeks before it was meant to happen... this wasnt revealed till like 2 years ago ... im 52 ... i never got a life here and this realm will never happen again... the only thing that is making sense about the depyh they forseen me is that i am one of the angels Jah let them capture... they didnt try to steal my free will, they created a shitty enviroment so i would give them my free will... behind my back so they didnt fall out of "my favor"... dad was "air force intelligence" and mom and her sister are literal daughters of a nazπŸ‘... i was "raised" in a nazπŸ‘/"free" masonic "truman" show to try to decieve me out of my free will... im not whining, Jah helped me survive... well he keeps me alive... there motto is "mercy isnt necessary"... i was a fkn kid... i just figured out my whole never existed at 50 after my mom had me jumped and thrown in jail for 3 1/2 days on false charges by the "mental police"... only after hinting 3 times she had it done as "leverage" to try to control me... meh... only 2 years and WE get to go home... it seems my spirit has been recycling for awhile now... im gonna pray on my history... its Jah that compells me to reveal I AM Jesus little brother... i don't sayin it only because im not comfortable being that worthy ...

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