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Should high school students in western countries have to
take a class on Western Civilization?

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Ian_Newton 7 Mar 7

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Should be written by Hillsdale College.


It seems to me that we should push as a society for the exaltation of our civilization and
against what our tradition has understood as degenerate (over sexualization, violence,
disruption of religious services and greed.) While allowing dissenters to live in societical peace.
(We don't hate them, nor affirm their behaviour.) Although they'll be left to the consequences of whatever life style they pursue.

As it stands conservatives seem to too often favour the isolating approach which adds suffering to our fellow human beings and liberals seem to too often affirm ways of living which contribute to the ill-health of our societies. And should the sickness spread; the death of functional western systems.


I think it is important to teach about Western Civilisation but not from an apologist point of view. Here, in the UK, we have a number of public figures who would like to introduce, into the school curriculum, elements of "white guilt" when teaching things like the history of the British Empire. I believe this is just a cynical attempt to virtue signal (and therefore attract voters) to various identity groups. All history must be viewed in the context of the time. It is a mistake to judge past events via contemporary values. Similarly with religion. For example, it would be impossible to understand Medieval times without an understanding of the medieval religious mind.


Yes but we must first understand that some of the past event's in history are false as we were taught them. This could explain why America is disliked by some as well as i believe our support for Israel is a reason. 109 countries ban the jews why? I believe Zionism. 13 bloodlines are said to rule the world. The federal reserve has in debted America to the zionist till it is gone. I have done 2000 hrs of reseach this is the DEEP STATE.


Like it or not, religion has shaped the western world we have today. Almost every historical event that has lead to the West as we know it, has some religious backstory.


One cannot teach Western Civilization without reference to religion - it is part of the 'foundation' of all civilization.


An important aspect of teaching Western Civilization is to spend adequate time studying the outside forces that have served to shape it, especially Islam, Black Plague, and to a slightly lesser effect, the Mongols.


Yes. They need a clear understanding of History.


Yes, absolutely! But without religion it would be without context and meaningless. Should it be done without bias, can it be done without bias, that's a whole other question. Made me think of one of my fav movies, 5th Element and Leeloo, played by the amazing actress Mila Jovovich, when she's watching the entire history of mankind...not sure the current new generations could handle it from a world's eye view, but maybe as Jordan Peterson says 12 Rules For Life, #8 tell the truth or at least don't lie.


Yes, and it should be taught by someone who actually loves Western Civilization.

And taking religion out of it is like trying to explain the color green to a color blind person.

Went through it a few years ago when my girls were in school. The book I gave them (and recommend to anyone with a teenager)

Lies My Teacher Told Me, by James W. Loewen


You cannot remove religion from Western Civilization. The majority of it is dominated by The Holy Roman Empire and the Catholic church is a main player in politics, policy and historical events.

You don’t have to use scripture of dogma but religious institutions are preeminent in the Story and if they are excluded you would no longer be teaching Western Civ.


In canada we do. To analyse history without the influence of religion is like analysing baseball with out the influence of a pitcher.....its there whether you wanna see it or not.


I'm demonstrating my ignorance but I thought this was a basic curriculum. How did we get here?

At my school in Southern Ontario in Canada
we had to take at least one history class but it wasn't based on Western Civilization
it was about WW1.

I recently trained a young black man. He was quite personable, intelligent and well educated. A great guy all around. He had an MPA and had worked as an academic advisor previously. We spent almost three months together and as such had a lot of casual conversations. I was astonished that he claimed to know nothing about black heroes I had assumed would have been covered in high school. Malcolm X? No. The Tuskegee Airmen? No. He wasn't given to reading for pleasure but those where both movies. It's curious that much is made of black panther, a comic strip myth, while real heroes seem to be underappreciated. Possibly he's an anomaly or was purposely not engaging, but I was aghast. If he was truthful and that's the general condition then a great opportunity is being squandered.

I think it has been dropped as a requirement for college admissions. Don't know if it's all of them, but would explain a lot about the quality of some students infesting college campuses. Like the SJW types, who don't even seem to know the basics of American history!


Students should take a class on Western Civilization.

They ought to know that freedom ain't free and learn the importance of Natural Law and various aspects of America's principles when it comes to rights, etc.

They will need to know all that to get by in life.


The influence of religion on any civilization cannot be ignored. Its effects need to be studied objectively.


Teaching Western Civilization without religion is like teaching English grammar without verbs...

Rooted in Judeo-Christian values ... you literally cannot teach Western Civilization without it.


I would like to see philosophy and moral philosophy taught for 2 years in highschool. Along with a class modeled after Thomas Sowells basic economic book

Yeeeeeees!! This. Milton Friedman’s Free to choose should be required reading also


Not a bad idea, assuming such a course (history) isn't already in the curriculum...

80 % of our history has been rewritten.

They have minimized the socialist and communist atrocities, to be more appealing to the uninformed.

@CenTexBiker They can attempt to rewrite history, but they cannot delete that of which has already occured though. This is why homeschooling might be the road to take if one has children.

The fools believe without doing their own research.

@CenTexBiker No wonder there're so many young radical lefties who support socialism.

Sadly true.


Of Western Civilization, yes.

@Ian_Newton I guess my point was it would be impossible to tell the history of America, or Western Europe without the benefits of judeo-christian beliefs. It's representative from the magna Carta to the declaration of Independence

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