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The Electoral College must NEVER be done away with-

SpikeTalon 9 Mar 7

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Agreed! Never ever ever. We are a constitutional republic NOT a democracy. Tyranny would be imminent if we allowed the popular vote. The leftist masses are idiots and the leftist elites are fascists.


The country was established as a Constitutional Republic - not a true democracy - for a reason. The electoral college, good or bad, reflects that.


The MOMENT the Electoral College is destroyed, we will no longer be the United States of America... We will become the United Big Cities of Amerika...........


I don't have a problem getting rid of the electoral college - but it should be done via Constitutional Amendment, i.e. legally. This article addressed the illegal way they are trying to pass a back door statute, but didn't address the pro/con of the electoral college system itself that I could tell.

Then you don't care that the Big Cities will rule the rest of us.

@Zbacku that what I said?

@Clayton51 The mid section of this country is irrelevant now. Look at the way POTUS campaigning is done already. A few states are locked in down party lines, a few states are too small to matter, and there is a handful of battleground states where the most propaganda money is spent.

@Clayton51 Yes it is true...and I never said someone can be elected with just Cali and NY. And no, there are many states that are not important enough to even try and sway, due to low EC votes and being Red/Blue states. Care to debate actual facts that have been researched and referenced below - or you just going to say "No it's not" and then go off on another tangential argument?

"Due to the winner-take-all style of the Electoral College, candidates often campaign only in competitive states, which is why a select group of states frequently receives a majority of the advertisements and partisan media." []

Beachler, Donald W.; Bergbower, Matthew L.; Cooper, Chris; Damore, David F.; Dooren, Bas Van; Foreman, Sean D.; Gill, Rebecca; Hendriks, Henriët; Hoffmann, Donna (2015-10-29). Schultz, David; Hecht, Stacey Hunter, eds. Presidential Swing States: Why Only Ten Matter. Lexington Books. ISBN 9780739195246.


The left is determined to do away with it. They also want felons, illegals and 16 year olds to be allowed to vote. Anything for power.

Considering people think I should never be able to vote bc I had a plant in my truck when I was 19, yet I'm taxed the same, with no voice in the representation. I'd like to at least put that on the table

Felons should be able to vote

@jondspen Felons should be able to vote????????????? Nope.

@Zbacku Then they should not be taxed after they have served their sentence. I don't see the logic in a person who possessed over an ounce of marijuana, did prison time, and being told for the rest of their life they are a second class citizen.

@jondspen I think our concept of Felons differ............ A Felon to me is one that has committed crimes as, oh........... maybe Murder, Assault, Rape......... And if a few pot heads are wrapped into that .......... I don't really care.

@Zbacku Unfortunately - those three are not the only felonies out there. And you can be conviceted of ANY felony and lose your right to vote, not just the violent ones you mentioned. Plus, so what. If they did that, were convicted, did their time and paid their debt to society, why should they not be able to vote? Are you of the opinion they should be perpetually punished and treated as second class citizens till they die for their mistake? They can't vote while in prison or on parole - OK, I can concede that. But punishing a person for the rest of their life for a crime they have supposedly paid their debt for is not right. Do you think they should be forced to pay taxes without having their views represented in government? The majority of people don't rape, murder, felony assault - so it's not like they are going to overthrow laws to usher in a society of violence. However MANY people in prison are in there on drug charges - but you're opinion they shouldn't be able to vote to overturn draconian drug laws?!?!?

Yeah, if you want to be able to vote don't commit crimes/felonies. I don't feel sorry for any of them. That's the problem with our society, nobody thinks they should be held accountable for anything they do. I'm willing to bet most of these "reformed" people are repeat offenders anyway.

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