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Tucker Carlson slams DNC and leftist media over FOX being barred from 2020 Democrat debates...

SpikeTalon 9 Mar 9

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This is a non-story, Fox News has not hosted a DNC debate since 2004. This is just another issue blown out of proportion to stir division even further among us.


There's a leftist media???


What would motivate so many in the MSM to lean so far to the left? It's almost as if they fear the citizenry, and are aiding and abetting the slow take over of Socialism. And why do so many people fall for it. Most of what I see presented as news is really opinion and editorializing.


Can you imagine the holy hell that would ensue if the RNC banned CNN from hosting a republican debate? There would be lawsuits. There would be a special council investigation. Antifa would burn down the house. But I digress...

I tend to agree with Harpoon. It really doesn't matter. The democrats are so far off the rails that no amount of propagandizing from the MSM will help them. People are getting tired of lies disguised as truth. The funny thing is, these people are too dumb to realize that in this age of instant communication via the Internet, lies are exposed pretty quickly. Look at the Juicy Smollett case for example. That hoax was exposed almost immediately. And it was a huge blow against the credibility of the left-wing media. I don't see how cable news survives unless they change their programming model.


Let them. The MSM, including Fox, has been losing its audience at an increasing rate. Also, just because Fox News isn’t there officially, doesn’t mean other sources won’t be on hand to provide the inside scoop. Which is basically what happened during the 2016 campaign. Fox News may have broke stories during the last two election cycles, but it was the alternative media that made them aware of it.


That doesn’t suprise me at all. CNN (communist news network) and MSNBC seems to be the main media sources for the democrats.

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