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Is the US becoming a police state in the name of social justice and democracy? And what is driving the West’s increasingly hysterical and paranoid policy toward Russia? What happened to engagement and diplomacy?
CrossTalking with Glenn Diesen and George Szamuely.

lawrenceblair 7 May 4

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Regarding Russia, the political Left perceives Russia to be our biggest threat because of the monopoly they have over oil and natural gas supplies into Europe. The U.S is dependent on the petrodollar to allow us to keep spending like there's no tomorrow without the hyperinflation that would be sure to follow; that is, making the dollar the official currency for oil exchange stabilizes the dollar.

Furthermore, the U.S plan to run a pipeline through Syria into Turkey is obviously objected to by Russia, Syria's ally in the region. The more they can make the EU nervous about depending on Russia for oil & natural gas, the more pressure can be exerted to allow the Syrian pipeline.

This is one of the chief reasons the political establishment hated Trump: because he didn't consider Russia to be an enemy of the U.S. Trump was more interested in developing oil & gas production in the U.S instead of propping up the Middle East. So you observe that one of the first things Biden did in office was discontinue any and all projects to boost U.S oil transport, discovery, and refining, under the guise of environmental protection.

To the political Left, the petrodollar is king, even worth going to war over.

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