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I think many are uneasy about the direction our country is going lately. What are some of the things you feel are the greatest threat to our nation right now?

Peelsr 5 Mar 9

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The push for “Globalization” at all costs.
The horrific lack of education in Our Youths ... especially in US History, Government and Civics.
The relentless push to get a “College Degree” in ANYTHING regardless of its probable value.
The “junk bond”-Like Status of Our Currency.
The horrific lack of ... or interest in ... knowledge of many of the policies being pushed by the Left Democrats.


The huge push, by any means, by the left to saturate this country with the worlds poorest and anti American groups.


The lack of nuance so many have in developing their opinions. A lack of understanding the specifics of complicated issues that somehow still emboldens them to wielding half-cocked opinions as weapons to further their self-interested narrative


I think the ignorance in regards to history the youth of the nation suffer from is a giant threat. As we can all see it is leading to this rise in support of socialism which will be the death of the United States. I also believe that the censoring of conservative voices in media is a threat. How are people supposed to make an informed choice if they only get to hear one side of the conversation?

I’m grateful there are the few conservative voices we still have. I shudder to think what will happen if we lose them. I for one may have never been inspired to shift my thinking as I have.


Demorats. Libtards. Demoratic Socialists. aka Communists.


Apathy. So many people are not engaged. When that happens, the extremes take over.


Lawlessness, and socialism even being considered.


Progressive-based politics, which are fueled by political correctness. Most of the negative things we presently face in this country could be attributed to the progressive agenda.

Secular progressive movement started decades ago and it divides us. Even though its banner is equality. It is now suppressing the majority. All the programs to create equal has been flipped. We must stop congress watering down our rights.


Cultural Marxism without a doubt. Immigration, multiculturalism, identity politics, political correctness are all tools of Cultural Marxism to divide and weaken the nation and create chaos. It isn't just happening in America. It is a global phenomenon. The US is the hardest nut to crack so it is being hit hard.

And congress continue down the road to control speech. All speech is free speech. It is our duty to turn the page or turn of the tube if you don't like the speech. I don't like hate speech. But it's one of those either you are for free speech or not. What don't care for the fact that a black person can call you as many names but the n word is consider hateful.

It’s hard to get some people to understand free speech. As much as I may dislike what you are saying be it racist, obsecene or any other I will defend your right to say it. Now that being said I feel we have lost the ability to investigate statements like “kill the pres—ent” or “...someone going to “murder your fa—ly” the meaning behind don’t cry fire in a crowed theater has been lost.


Absolutly uncontrolled illegal immigration. Its burden on communities that they settle in. However. I feel that the refugee system as a whole is broken. The settlement of large groups of Muslims in one area is not wise. Other countries are also having the same problems.


Uncontrolled immigration, illegal voting, loss of most privately owned/controlled Press, lack of honor in many politicians, more and more borrowing by the government, a socialist indoctrinated populous. None of this can be remedied so long as Federal monetary control is in the hands of International Bankers---and that will take a disaster of Biblical proportions to change.

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