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Ageism in the Workplace. The invisible 50-65 year old demographic.

I'd like to see discussion? about ageism in the workplace and what, if anything, government?s are doing to address the fast-becoming-invisible cohort that is 50-65 year olds. Today I saw an ad for a legal secretaria?l job at a major university and they wanted tertiary qualificat?ions or relevant experience?, but I'd bet that if I applied with my 20 + years of experience?, I'd be knocked back because it was over 5 years ago, even though I run my own business, am married to a lawyer, and can type at 100wpm (something you don't get taught at university?. There would be plenty of people, male and female, who could do that job easily, but if they are over 50 and without a degree, I would dare to suggest that their applicatio?ns would be binned.

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SandraBeynon 1 Mar 9

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How about political discrimination? That’s rife. If you are conservative, you’re screwed.


I have witnessed age discrimination but have not been the target of it yet


Haven't been discriminated against for my age yet...

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