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Hello! I am a cook. I am surrounded by, mostly, people who do not care at all about philosophy, politics, psychology, or anything else that is not cooking (regarding the other cooks) or their major in school (regarding the servers). I am glad to finally find a place where, I am hopeful, I can find thoughtful people willing to discuss things deeper than the proper way to cook rice.
How many of you have little-to-no college education? I could only stand 1 year of computer science before I decided that it wasn't for me. Do you think that secondary education is still worth the money or the time? Do you think it depends on the are of study?

BFrydell 5 Mar 13

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Welcome! If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that my education provided me with perspective and opportunities, however not the kind of information I would classify as “knowledge”, by definition...if that makes any sense! In some instances, it taught me exactly what I didn’t want out of life, much like your experience.

While I think secondary education can provide a leg up when starting down your career path, by no means does it determine where you’ll end up, or how successful you’ll be. There are far too many book-smart morons, who couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper sack these days.


I have massive amounts of education, and, still, the best education I have are the things I have learned as an autodidact.
It's different for everyone, though. People should do what works for them. A lot of it is a total waste.
Bienvenue !

Autodidactism (I hope that’s a word!) is absolutely fascinating to me. It sounds overwhelming, from my perspective, but maybe that’s because I’m not one! Do you find yourself swimming in your own knowledge soup at times, or have you developed a way to seemlessly catalogue all the info you take in? So sorry if these questions sound completely ignorant, but I’ve never been able to directly ask before—totally geeking out over here!

@thewaywayback79 You've never picked up a book on a new topic just because you are interested in learning something new ? 🙂 Whatever I am studying at the time, I tend to get pretty focused. I have learned to get good at discarding less than useful information. I still do traditional studies (been working on a doctorate, slowly, for the last year and a half & expect to finish next year), but I definitely feel I learn far more from the things I independently choose to study and go my own direction.

@Catherine I have my undergrad in Biology so I’ve definitely picked up my fair share of books to learn something new. I took from my college experience less raw knowledge and more useful perspective, the latter being more useful to me once I started down my career path. It was more about learning who I was and where I fit into the grand scheme of things.

@thewaywayback79 Independently, though. That is the only difference. Choosing to study subjects on your own outside of a curriculum assigned by someone else. 🙂


Everything I learned at college was a lie. It's never too early or too late to begin a proper education. There are many reasons for acquiring an education. I've always liked MJ Adler's ideas about it: "Education should... serve three purposes: teaching people how to use their leisure time well, to earn their living ethically, and to be responsible citizens in a democracy." Here's a good place to start if you think you might have trouble with different types of subjects: How to Read a Book by Adler - but any of his books are very helpful as a starting point.


in my own opinion philosophy is only worth studying after you have life experience. 30 is the best age to start studying philosophy, because it's so rooted in rational and abstract thinking.

Side note you won't make money studying it.

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