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"what about the children"

stoner36s 7 May 23

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My Body - My Choice!
Why are the government so fixated on vaccination when Ivermectin has been proven to stop COVID in its tracks!
Please people look at the research and results! It’s cheap it’s affective, won’t cause blood clots and it’s being used world wide!
Only the Govt and big pharma won’t acknowledge that it’s there 🤔🤔 what not enough money to be made? Politically won’t win an election? WTF IS WRONG ! It works!
Stop scaring people with your govt bullshit that everyone needs to be vaccinated , the frail, the morbidly obese, people with diabetes, and other serious underlying problems are at risk 98 percent of people won’t get worse than a mild to medium cold if anything at all! pleeaaassssse people do the homework research it !

Looked at it it doesn't say that at all.

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