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Today, we find ourselves locked in a three way struggle of political philosophy. The country was founded on Lockian principles. In the early to mid 20th century we started migrating to Hobbesian principles. Today we stand on the brink of Marxism. Do you think that the pushing of STEM focus in education and a decrease in liberal arts has encouraged the rapidity of this change?

Buflineks 4 Mar 14

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No, Stem was obviously weak and if anything the lack of logic and reason StEM teaches is the main force behind Marxism. The life of Marx was one where he never worked. He found a rich friend he convinced should support him and lived off him at his mansion when he wasnt in London Library. In doing this he preached what he lived....survive off the mega millionare snd blame his own lack of funds on inequity. Frankly, I think his whole manifesto was just to try to justify his shame in some way of not being able to contribute....and as such 100million died

The most influential philosopher of the nineteenth century, one of the first people to ever take the principles of the scientific method and apply them to society, and the author of a 6000 page critique of Capitalism... but he “never worked a day in his life”.

Get real.

@DavidicLineage I don’t really know what to say to this... it’s not even a remotely controversial statement.

The only person from the 19th century who is even close to Marx in terms of influence is Neitzsche, but even he doesn’t have an entire political ideology named after him. Nor did he influence the twentieth century like Marxism...


I think the public school system is problematic period...


Is that truly what is happening in education? From what I have been observing the opposite is true. I believe there is a smaller group of people who actually go to University with an achievable goal in mind then not..Thereby adding to the increase in the liberal arts. It seems to me that there is more of an emphasis on social indoctrination and learning what to think and not on how to think.. I realize that my statement is fairly general and most assuredly based on my own perception but I am many years outside of academia and that is what I have to go by. Hence my question.

What I am refering to is High school. College is definately where we need to make the change. So called "Civics" that are usually required to graduate, is poorly taught and full of indoctrination. The Revolutionary fathers and founders were well versed in classical educations. That is why they were able to create a Nation that had never been seen before


The USA needs a booster shot of Judeo-Christian principles.

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