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Pleasure to meet y'all. I'm Dave, owner and lone operator (so far) of Davidic Lineage personal data. I heard Dr. Peterson speak at his last lecture of 2018, and that's been about the totality of my participation in the IDW so far (unless you count watching youtube videos, but that's hardly participating).

It occurred to me, though, that this might be a bit more constructive a platform for my ideas than the usual social media offerings. So here I am, ready to talk about the Personal Data Company concept with anyone who'd care to help me explore it. Who's in?




DavidicLineage 6 Mar 14

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Howdy Dave, welcome to the asylum! The inmates are friendly. I think we're all looking for something better than, "Trump Sucks! -- Hillary Sucks!" diatribes.


As hard as I try I can not wrap my old brain around what it is that you do.

Welcome anyway!

@DavidicLineage . .no mining here please...otherwise...welcome to the fun house

@DavidicLineage So are you walking around with a "GoPro" on all of the time?


Welcome to the community.

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