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Recent influx of trolls?

I haven't been on here very long myself, but it seems that in just the past two days or so there has been a marked increase in trollish behavior on this site.

Is this new on IDW? Or did I just somehow not observe it until the last 48 hours?

Personally, I think exercising self-restraint and ignoring their tantrum is the best method of dealing with trolls. They feed on attention, and die of starvation easily.

*Care and feeding of trolls: trolls must be the center of attention, and fed often, or they wither and die of boredom. Make sure you respond to their posts, and also tag them by user name. If you don't do these things, they might actually go somewhere else on the internet, and poor us would be stuck having civil conversations without trolls.

jneedler 6 Mar 14

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I’m brand new here myself. Haven’t seen trolls just yet.


Just tripped over the first one. It took three whole responses before said troll, an individual with not much but a name for identification, started cussing me out.

I must be losing my touch.


The best (and really the only) way to respond to trolls is don't respond to trolls. Ignore a troll at all costs, even if they personally attack you. Once you reply, they have your words to use against you.

Agreed - once you identify a troll, just completely ignore them.


Just about every social media site has trolls and malcontents waiting to stir up trouble, it's best to just ignore them. This site cannot be policed 24/7, and is certainly one of the better sites where trolling is concerned.

I agree, and I would go a step further to say trolls SHOULDNT be policed.... I'm too much of an advocate of free speech to support banning even trolls.

They aren't preventing the rest of us from communicating, so there's no reason to deny their right to speech.


Seems like a false flag, I haven't seen any trolls 😛


You have to know that contrary thinkers will come here to try and disrupt the civil exchange of ideas


Trolls exist in the underbelly of ever platform, no way around it.


I've not seen an increase in flagged comments. Will keep an eye out for them.

To be fair, I only saw two flagrant episodes - one on a comment I made, and one on somebody else's thread that I was reading.

It just caught me off guard because I hadn't seen anything like that on here. However, as I said: I'm fairly newish here, and I wasn't sure if that behavior hasn't really been present here, or if I just hadn't seen it yet.

On a related note - does Admin do anything about trolls? I kind of assumed that a purported free speech site wouldn't restrict the free speech of anyone, even the obnoxious ones.

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