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I been doing a lot of research, for a few reasons. First i guess would be the law's that are wanting to be passed are way out there and just very immoral and I've alway's been i believer in the NEW WORLD ORDER. so i dove into reseaching it.
I've found some very fascinating, disturbing, facts. And i believe we are in for a real awakening.

Gerri4321 7 Mar 14

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Yes we are. Tonights mass killing in New Zealand is being blamed on Christians and President Trump. Israel has been attacked and they are firing back, but Israel is made to look responsible. The world is upside down and backwards. Congress is trying to pass Acts and Bill's almost everyday that confuse the conscience and common sense. Our youth have been so dumbeddown they are ripe for the picking of absolute control. Frankly, this world scares me, I feel as though we are barely holding on to the great nation God has delivered us. We must stay vigilant, strong and prayerful.

We will make though. The bible is playing out as written.


Time will tell for sure, and we certainly do live in interesting times...

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