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Well you've heard about the #WalkAway campaign for fed up people leaving the Democrat Party. I'm sure you've also heard of #Blexit for Black Americans leaving the Democrat party. Well now we have #JExodus.

JExodus was started by Jewish Millennial' an "Exodus" from the Democrat slavery that has kept Jewish Americans chained for too long just as it did the blacks. It has too long been a forgone conclusion that the majority and moderate Jewish vote belonged exclusively to the Democrats...well now they have joined Blexit, Walkaway and other groups leaving the Democrat plantation. I believe its long overdue! This is what they fear...Americans coming together as a people...not allowing the Democrats racism or Political Correctness to divide us any longer. And these movements...are growing. A simple 5-6% shift in the black vote will cost them the presidency. Add to that a shift in Jewish voters, White former democrats and even the Latin communities and you have a formula for disaster. The Democrats...slitting their own throats.

When the Democrats had the opportunity to reign in Ihlan Omar and her blatant Anti-Semitism they instead chose to "Blanket Bigot" everyone else to cover for Her, Islam and hatred. Had they actually punished one of their own for her racism who knows what might have happened in 2020. They havent even done anything about Northam! Instead they chickened out and basically accused everyone else, even their own voter blocks, of Islamaphobia, bigotry and hate. Seeking once again to deflect rather than demand correction of any of their own.

And that, my friends, is the same things they did that got Trump elected.


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Stupid names.

It should be Blaxit and exJEWdus.


A JExodus might help turn NY red. Wouldn't that be something? Perhaps with all the new abortion laws allowing late term abortions, we can also look forward to Catholexit.


And perhaps the same things that will secure President Trump's reelection come 2020...

I wonder, though, if more people might go for Howard Schultz than to the GOP.

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