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Great review of how we have gotten to this point, the current choices before us, where the Powers That Shouldn't Be want to take us, and what our options are.

Heresiarch 8 May 29

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The ideals presented for individual rights and ability to achieve freedom are simply not possible. Our humanity is a mixture of culture, imagination and genetic programming. Genetics has a much greater role in directing our behavior than we are aware of. The way in which society is organized is entirely the result of our genetic heritage that tells us to stick with our own kind and distrust and guard against others that might be a threat against the resources and way of life we have control of. When society gets so densely populated and we start stepping on each others toes the people who have power need to feel like they have to control all factors. We are too highly populated for individual freedom. Every increase in population leaves a little less possibility for each individual. Those with power are going to retain it any way they think necessary. You often hear Marxist-Communist ideology blamed but that is just a failed political idea that provides a convenient target that can stir up emotions. What is really causing the breakdown of society are those in power who are preaching fear to the masses so they can be more easily controlled. This troubled time we are going through is the first stages of the collapse of our civilization, which is the fate of all civilizations. We can no longer manage what we have started.

It's not our "First Rodeo" historically, nor prehistorically. Civilizations have risen and fallen more than a few times.
I disagree with your genetic determinism. My paternal grandfather left the Ukraine during the Russian revolution, leaving scores of relatives behind although his family had been there for generations beyond count. My father left Canada for greater opportunities leaving all his family and culture behind, and I left the Evil Empire after living there for over half a century due to the obvious rise of the Police State and Fascism.

Those of us who went against our family, culture or nation did not do so on a whim or because it was the easy path. I left behind an adult daughter, brother, sister and step-mother knowing that I would likely never see them again. I set down roots in a place far removed from the Evil rising in the Evil Empire, have built a self-sufficient life and live as an Anarchist in the proper sense of the word - I bow to no authority beyond myself and Natural Law.

@Heresiarch Our human genetic demands can be expressed in different ways but those ways are always in compliance with them. It is necessary for our survival as a specie to have several different psychological makeups living together. There are those who are curious about the unknown, those who are warriors and those who are tied to the group and seek safety. The latter tow are conservatives and tend to outnumber the first group. There are those in your family who are explorers and seekers who are looking for new territory.

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