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So, its blog 007. I have struggled with what to write so sorry for the delay. Oddly I find myself drawn to Nietzsche once more, particularly “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” he writes something I find rather interring in “Of Redemption” he writes if you take away the hunch from the hunchback you take away his spirit. It is a rather interesting notion do not you think. I think it’s tied up with “Of self-overcoming” if you take away someone’s burden rather than have them release their own burden you’re doing them a disservice because it is not their own work. For so long how I wonted some one to just take way my sufferings my burdens, yet it’s for the reasons locked way in Thus Spoke Zarathustra like nuggets showing the way on a trail Zarathustra shows the weak how to be string and in no uncertain terms why you have to do it for yourself.

You could give the blind man eyes yet him seeing all the suffering would curse you for showing him. Just as soon as you give the lame to walk his vices would run away with him. Yet where I see the perishing of leaves I see the will to power, the will to self-overcoming, this books tells me I’m only ever in my own way and I think the same can be said for a lot of people, us merely men and ask myself who is redeemer? We are redeemers of ourselves for the is the perishing of leaves redemption of the soul, we cannot redeem the past but we can redeem the our future selves. Because that redemption is the same as the perishing of leaves (I think). The will to be a better than one was yesterday.

This wrath we have for yesterday, this Liberatore of tomorrow becomes the tyrant of yesterday.

T35-C 5 June 2

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