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This echo's what I've been saying about why the Electoral College was needed and created. It was so no singular state or group of states can decide presidential elections. Removing the Electoral College would deny states rights for equal representation. The way it works is the Electors from Each State vote for the candidate based on the popular vote from EACH STATE. A national Popular Vote would mean a total of 18 counties...the most populous with the most voters would decide the President. How is that fair? You have people in New York and LA deciding for everyone else. No. The electoral college is there for a reason!



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I watched this awhile back:

He basically gives an overview bill submitted in the Colorado state senate on the state joining in the popular vote. He also goes on a rant to which seems to have relevance.

However, some information he presents can be taken with a grain of salt. Still worth considering the degree of seriousness revealed in the video.


The Democrats are only fooling themselves, the Electoral College isn't going away anytime soon.

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