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Research Projects/ Speech Ideas
Would see this as a great funnel for conservative, libertarian, counter-Left themes to be fed to your “stars” for consideration by them and their staffs for R&D to eventually turn into videos, speeches, and radio/TV commentary to give voice to our opinions and positions on breaking issues real-time.
Ex: The college entrance scandal. Would be great to study each of the accused and their documented political position/ideology. Guarantee it is heavily Left-weighted. And, importantly, no one is talking about the academic institutions colluding in all this with their rich, Leftist clients to their financial benefit. They are supposed to be centers of objective dialogue and free-speech and ideas, implying a grounding in exemplary ethics. Yet, they participate in a below-the-radar scheme to enrich themselves resulting in oppression and unfair exclusion of “the little guy”, who doesn’t have the money and connections of the entitled Leftist aristocrats. Merit? Forget it.
Does anyone else see the hypocrisy and irony of these people on both sides of the unethical deal breaking ethical rules to self-deal? These are the same groups that howl about protecting the downtrodden and doing away with the rules(illegal immigrants) and being the protector of every “victim” group they can define, but have no regard for stepping on those without their money and influence in order to self-promote(their kids). It is the entitled aristocracy in action and if the schools weren’t complicit this could not happen. Elite school admissions officers are not stupid or blind. They recruit the money; their monied alumni become legacy cash with future endowments and publicity of their famous grads, as well as build their on own political influence network with their alumni.
It is all about self-serving while mouthing platitudes in public on the nobility of their advocacy of the disadvantaged and disenfranchised.
This site could be a “suggestions” board to develop the fact-basis of a topic like this for those who have a public platform to expose the hypocrisy of the Left, which is a full-time job.
E. Rensimer, MD
Houston, TX

Philly66 1 Mar 20

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The hypocrisy of the left knows no end...

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