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Joe Rogan Slams “F***ing Terrible” CNN Hosts; “Everybody Knows They’re Not Real”


RealAlexJones 8 June 18

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We knew this all along. Joe Rogan just hasn't paid attention.

@FuzzyMarineVet @Bay0Wulf @RealAlexJones

I agree, Rogan is being narcissistic. Instead of proudly boasting that he discovered that CNN is fake news, he should apologize for whiffing. He should be praising the people that saw it years ago.


After American won the Revolutionary War, if you had courageously fought in the army, you had social capital. You were a member of the exclusive Patriot Club. Hamilton led a charge at Yorktown and later became Secretary of the Treasury.

Loyalists took the easy way out. While patriots were freezing on the frozen tundra of Valley Forge, loyalists lived in houses in cities. After loyalists lost the war they were obliged to flee to Canada. Karma bit them in the ass.

When America collapses, let it be remembered who saw it coming, and remember who had the courage to fight like a patriot. Remember the people who sold out and shame them. Sellouts will pretend that they were patriots all along. When they try to do this, laugh at them, and then boast of your courageous deeds.

Hannity's predictions came true. He is vilified by Democrats but they should now kiss his ring and acknowledge that he was right. Democrats should humbly watch an episode of Hannity.

Rachel Maddow's hypotheses have proven false, and she should be held accountable. Maddow is the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Maddow's show no longer deserves to be watched.

That was kind of a long way to put it but … okay.
I think its kind of hilarious (though appropriate) to put Rogan and Madcow on the same plane … I simply can't watch Madcow without breaking stuff.


Maddow committed a red card foul of journalism.

Maddow claimed that Trump is an agent of Russia, with no proof, which is a yellow card journalism foul.

After Mueller failed to find proof, Maddow failed to acknowledge that she had no proof, a red card journalism foul. Even worse, rather than admitting that they had no proof, Democrat journalists immediately launched a new hoax to deflect from their foul, and the new hoax also had now proof, and was struck down. This was the Ukraine hoax. It even backfired on them. It turned out that the Bidens were responsible for the corruption. Democrats never acknowledged any of their fouls. Whenever attention is drawn to a Democrat foul, Democrats commit a new foul to deflect attention from the previous foul.

Plus, Maddow is a narcissist. She doesn't care about the truth. She says whatever gets ratings, and whatever promotes her own career.

After it was proven that Prime Minister Chamberlain was wrong, he gracefully owned up to it, resigned, and paved the way for Churchill to lead and kick Germany's ass. Everyone wins.

If you're carrying a rugby ball, there's no shame in being tackled, as long as you pass the ball before you hit the ground.

Maddow should resign like Chamberlain.
If she doesn't, she has proven that she cares about attention for herself more than the truth. Maddow should pass the ball to the people who had it right all along. Maddow is a ball hog.

Maddow furthermore used emotional persuasion. She emotionally stated that Trump is a Russian Agent. This is a red card journalism foul.

If you have to use emotion to promote your point,

You ain't journalist!

Emotion often works in journalism. It never works in physics. If you try to prove a physics point with emotion, the physics crowd will burst out with laughter.

Democrats use Floyd as a banner. Let's single out Maddow and unleash the artillery.

At present there is no deterrent. Democrat journalists can lie without deterrent. Republicans need to establish deterrent. Maddow needs to be shamed.

Democrats bluff. They double the bet with a weak hand. They don't realize that that entitles the opposition to redouble, and then the Democrat has to show his hand if he wants to win. And if the Democrat loses, there's a price to doubling recklessly. It means he now goes down quadruple. Democrats think that they can always double freely and squirm out of a quadruple loss. Hold them to the quadruple loss.

This is the essence of the Gamestop scandal. Oligarchs doubled, the plebes doubled them back, and the Oligarchs lost. The oligarchs illegally shut down trading to avoid going down quadruple, and they got away with it. No charges were filed for this obvious egregious economic crime.

If they overplay, make them pay. If they double with a weak hand, double them back. If they lose and try to squirm out of it, hold them to it. Bite into it like a pit bull and never let go.

This plotline is a the theme of a famous Bollywood movie "Lagan", which translates to "Tax". An arrogant Englishman doubled the Indians on a bet, and the Indians doubled him back. It was all staked on a game of cricket, and the Englishman lost and went down quadruple. It was a glorious feel-good happy ending to the Bollywood film.

Nothing like the pleasure of watching a Democrat recklessly double and then go down quadruple.

@jaymaron Rogan is not a narcissist dude. He does drink his own Kool Aid from time to time, but I think for the most part he handles his excess of fame and power as well as any human consciousness could be expected to under such extremes. I do think he's a dick, but that's another matter. Actually, I think I'll write an article outlining why I think he's a dick. I've wanted to say this shit for ages. It's time someone said it.


I beheld Rogan's standup comedy sets at the Laugh Factory in LA, and they were great. This was before he was famous, before even Fear Factor. This is what propelled him to fame.

Since then, Rogan's standup skill has declined. Watch his early work. He doesn't have the magic he once had.

This is true for most comedians. There are many comedians that were once funny and now are not.

Rock and Chappelle are still funny. Rock often speaks of how college audiences are no longer fit to listen to standup comedy. Most comedians caved to leftism but Rock and Chappelle didn't.

@jaymaron I think you are conflating different issues. Joe didn't cave to leftism. He sold his soul for 100 million dollars. It's still pathetic to be such a gold digger whore, but it's not caving to leftism. It's caving to greed when he did exactly what he promised his fans he would never do and caved to cancel his own Alex Jones podcast. When your integrity has a price tag, you don't really have any do you?

My grandmother had a saying which a feel in some way applies here. "Those who marry for money end up earning it."


I agree that integrity is important. Pity that there are few who value integrity.

Stephen Miller: Your honor and your integrity are your most valuable possessions.

Gingrich's novels about the Revolutionary War glorify integrity.

@jaymaron Way to flex on me with a Pacino soliloquy dude. I submit. I'm not worthy. lol

@jaymaron I would also have accepted a Serpico reference.

@jaymaron only criminals need a Pardon. How many people did trump Pardon on his way out that were involved in the russia crap?


You're a Serpico scholar? Can you give us a Serpico reference?

Welcoming more Pacino references, and honor references.

I love the rich lore that was developed about Klingon honor.

I am half Vulcan, half Klingon.

@jaymaron Never gonna mind-meld with you then! That would be some scary shit.

"Cops today are nothing but an armed tax collector." - Frank Serpico.

@Sunraize Dude, there was no "Russia crap". It was fabricated by the Dems to discredit Trump. You need to research better and stop believing everything you hear on CNN. It's funny to me that such a flawed man can hold the office of president of the USA for a full term, yet after it's over, the only bad things anyone has to say of him are lies and inventions created by his political opponents.


I guess sometimes you have to state the obvious?
Isn’t Joe coming a bit late to that table?

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