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Keep the electoral college!!

AZWoman 7 Mar 20

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If the electoral college were eliminated, we would be just like Italy with 50 candidates to choose from in every election.


This would be the end of this country as we know it and as it framed. I cringe when I hear the USA referred to as a “Democracy “. The USA was framed as a Republic. I believe the founders had genius insight into human nature, they understood that power corrupts and centralized power equals totalitarialism. Escaping this was at the core of the American revolution. It’s in the first line of the Pledge of Allegiance “and to the republic for which it stands “. Local elections are intended to be the to true Democratic elections.

You are correct. This is a REPUBLIC. America was framed as a REPUBLIC for many reasons. Our founders put their lives and fortune forth to bring the dream of our Republic to fruition. I can only pray others among us, myself included, will turn out to be as brave and inspired as our founders. My favorite quote, " Give me Liberty or give me death." I do not want to live in a SOCIALIST society. Everyone there is a slave SHACKLED to the state. I love my freedom(s) as guaranteed in the Constitution an I will not comply with anyone who trys to remove them. This is my Republic, I will stand up, speak up, and defend my CONSTITUTION from all enemies foreign and domestic. ARE YOU WILLING TO DIE FOR YOUR FREEDOM!!


They are already working on a way around it. Without any change in federal laws.


Basically, they will give the CO electoral votes to whomever has the popular vote, regardless of how CO citizens vote. It won't go into effect unless there are enough states/elector votes on board to win outright, 270 electoral votes. This was signed into law without any input from voters. Now the only way out is to get it on the ballot in 2020 and vote it out.

Proponents like to say that this makes everyone's vote equal. But, the system was deliberately designed to give voice to the minority. Without it, the sparsely populated areas would have no voice. No candidate would even bother visiting or pandering to them. The country would be ruled by the mob. Mobs are inherently easy to outrage and therefore easy to manipulate.

They also like to say that it's only for presidential election, and that the minority still has its voice with house and Senate. ONLY for presidential election? What's good for House and Senate should also be good for POTUS, which is minority needs a voice.

This is a very dangerous path they are trying to force us down.

Absolutely correct. Thank you for posting!!


Ocasio-Cortez just announced that she got accepted to the electoral college. So proud.


The Electoral College is a protection against mob rule .


The electoral college is not taught in school at any level. The only thing they teach is it's outdated and unfair because the popular vote does not always win. If we dId not have the electoral college it would be mob rule. No thank you!

In my high school we had mock caucuses and conventions in an election year which was a fun and educational experience. Still, I did not come away with any lasting idea of how the electoral process works. Or maybe it was just too long ago...1964. I was a Goldwater delegate BTW.

@Bumpkin111 By the 1980''s when I was in high school there was no mention of it, oddly enough the Department of Ed started about that time. Essentially all true Amercan history I know was learned as an adult. Thank God my family was pro America and pro morals. I would bet fewer than 20% of kids under 18 could explain it, very sad.


I concur.

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