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Give illegal immigrants drivers licenses and let them vote. Let children walk across the border and send them to New York, Florida, Texas, Illinois, and California. Lower the voting age and eliminate the electoral college. Checkmate! A concentration of population and reliance on the popular vote completes the foriegn invasion and fundamental change. Is this the witches brew authoritarians are cooking up?

ScottThomson 4 Mar 21

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And count them in the census so those states will have more representatives and electoral votes. Why doesn't the democratic party change their name to the anti-USA party.


Hello from "Little Somalia" AKA Minneapolis Minnesota 5th District. I imagine that we have more registered voters here than eligible adult voters and I have no idea how many immigrants arrived during the Obama years; but, I have heard close to 80,000. This concentration of immigrants is the reason for our current representative and all of her issues with the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. I pray that we can save the electoral college; we don't need people with underdeveloped prefrontal cortexes and no executive function casting votes. It's bad enough that we have individuals who support Sharia law over the US Constitution casting votes.

Because we live close to that area, my sister in law asked me how Omar got elected. I explained that when you move 80,000 plus into one district, you enjoy concentrated power. The PC MN media is afraid to tell the truth. Two Samali gangs are fighting each other and a fatality is reported as just "another murder". I believe that the global elite ruling class employs immigration as a means to an end. MN didn’t happen by accident.

@ScottThomson I would agree with you. My husband and I love Minneapolis and had hoped to live out our lives here; but, we are considering moving because of the change to the city. It does not have the safe feel that it had in 2005 when we first moved here from rural Minnesota.

@PatriciaBurger I certainly understand your feelings. We move out of Chicago.


California already gives them DLs and allows them to vote.

Governor, Tony Evers, of Wisconsin wants drivers licenses and voting rights for illegal immigrants. I miss Scott Walker.


If I were authoritarian, I would probably restrict voting rights, rather than expand them.

Cool conspiracy theory btw OP. All these events that are completely outwith the direct control of anyone (deciding where people live, who they will vote for) has been enacted to ensure democratic party hegemony.

Better retire to your bunker in the wilderness now before it’s too late.


The idea of illegal immigration is a relatively new concept. Just because immigrants are coming here doesn't mean they will destroy our society.

The idea of illegal anything is as old as the statuate. "New" is a relative term.

If immigrants don't assimilate to the nation's culture where they migrate to then they will destroy the society.

@Gandreoff they'll probably change some and leave other bits alone. No culture is perfect and we can all use new ideas. Could sushi burritos or pineapple pizza have happened in a country without lots of immigrants who adhered to their own culture while also engaging with the extant culture?

How Blind are you.

@Serg97 very


I wish I could say that this was a “new brew” but it’s not ...
The brew was pretty well assembled and put on to simmer a few decades ago ... the things you note are simply the latest ingredients.

The Leftists ... and their Useful Idiots ... are simply doing everything they can ... using Our Rights ... Against Us ... looking for Our Society, Our Nation to implode.
Perhaps they think that they will be able to pick up the pieces when it does ... Perhaps they don’t care because they believe that simply getting Us out of Their Way will be enough.
The sad part is that the Useful Idiots have no knowledge or understanding of History.
As soon as the Left gets what it wants ... the Useful Idiots become Dangerously Useless and are ALWAYS the First to be Eliminated.


In a nutshell, seems on target


Yes it is, and they are well on their way. Several states are already talking about an end run around the electoral college. Many illegals already do vote. They will win at all costs. What are we willing to do?

Thanks for your reply. You asked "What are we willing to do"? The question that I have been asking myself is "What can we do to stop it, or even minimize the loses"?

@ScottThomson I suppose the best we can do is stay active politically, vote and organize. There is no room for apathy.

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