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Since when has the word "diversity" become treated like a taboo word? It just means a range of different things, no? In human society, there is nothing wrong with the practice/quality of including people from a range of backgrounds, is there?
In politics, diversity seems to stir emotions and emotions can adversely affect understanding.
In terms of race, do you find a variety of skin colors taboo?

Naomi 8 June 27

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The world is a diverse place... the kind of diversity is what matters... hey lets let in the psychopaths, more poisoned rivers would be nice, a few more volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, more mentally handicapped people would not be a burden, schizos, pathological liars, cleptomaniacs, cannibals, etc...
Do you mix cultures that are at war with each other and have been for millenia? That's diversity right?
Do you invite the enemy to live within your country? Are ethnic enclaves simply a form of invasion?
Can people with different languages successfully communicate? There is so much diversity, but not all of it is good.
Skin colour is just a matter of genetics, you don't get to choose that. Racism is a flawed ideology. People are more than the colour of their skin... some fair skinned people like a tan, some black skinned people would like to be lighter... There are many racial differences, some are simply aesthetic.


Diversity of skill.

Diversity is a rugby team with some guys that are big and slow, and some guys that are small and fast.

What matters is not your ethnicity or culture or race. What matters is how refined your style is.

A good actor is flexible and can play many roles. Democrats lack range. They can only play one role.


The left uses diversity as a moral cudgel to beat opponents into submission on issues like immigration and equity. The left uses the pretext of race to shame and silence anyone who disagrees with woke-progressive thinking. Of course racism is shameful. The problem is that progressives have for years been falsely labelling as racist, bigoted, and backward, anyone who opposes the left on a wide range of issues from secure borders and gender, to meritocracy and work ethic.


'Diversity' is not a taboo word, it's just a word that has had its meaning racialised by the left. When they talk about 'diversity', they think along racial/ethnic/colour lines, and use it for their own agenda and to suit their own narrative. Diversity of thought, on the other hand, is taboo and not tolerated by the left.


Well, I gotta admit I’ve seen some pretty spectacular colors but those ink jobs done in jail and prison are pretty awful …
Oh!!! Taboo! I though we were gonna talk about … Never Mind…

Diversity is suffering the same damage a bunch of other words used by Leftists has suffered … its been twisted into meaning something completely different than what it actually means … or, at least, other connotations have been hung on it.

In terms of race, do you find a variety of skin colors taboo?
Nope … I went out with a bunch of gals and women of “Different Colors” and found them all to be spectacularly Female. Though I have to admit I’m not sure I would appreciate the “Diversity” of including “Trans” of any color, I’m likely to act a bit erratic if I find myself finding Male appendages hanging off an alleged Female …


In terms of race , Cultural conditioning will always interfere with inclusivesness no matter what colour you are. Diversity will only work if some races are prepared to give instead of take and accept if they are better off even fractionionally . Be thankful for at least that hence don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Well, there are places that I’ve been where being “White” rather than Black or Brown has been a definite liability … places where the concept of “White Privilege” would be considered pretty funny … or … get your ass kicked.

@Inspiration, @Bay0Wulf
To me assimilation is the key; you expect those from different cultural backgrounds from yours to assimilate themselves into the culture of your community/country. Similarly, if you are in someone else's community/country where they have a different culture from yours, you are expected to assimilate yourself into theirs. When in Rome do as the Romans do. However, it doesn't mean that you must abandon your heritage. That'll be impossible, anyway.


Diversity for diversity sake is shallow. That doesn't mean it isn't enjoyable at some level like a change of scenery. The problem is when you make it a political goal to have diversity without merit it interferes with the necessary hierarchy of competence. The Marxist by rejecting hierarchies are rejecting competence. It seems unlikely civilization could survive, which unfortunately is the goal.


Depends on the kind of diversity. Asians, Hispanics, and whites tend to get along alright. Blacks can't get along with anyone, not even each other.

Uh … I take it most of your experience is in a place like the US?

My experience is that … even more than Black/White n the USA … in MANY Places Asians vs Asians, Hispanics vs Hispanics and Sometimes, even Whites vs Whites are much more “Pointed”.

@Bay0Wulf Just had the US in mind here.


Diversity isn't used by US leftists the way normal people understand the term.


Only when one is unjustly villanized. Diversity of cultures as been a joy to my life. CRT and a very direct attack on the white race is a crime, plain and simple.

Hello there. I have always been living and working in international environments where people from all over the world interact with each other. So, I have acquired the ability to go beyond obvious differences in others, like race, gender, religious belief, etc., and find what they are like as people. I know that some people instantly judge others by superficial appearance, e.g., whether black or white, and cannot go beyond that. I cannot comprehend it. Such people are full of prejudice, I guess.

@Naomi I too grew up in international communities. I still miss the delightful choices of the restaurants and street vendors 😉 Ultimately all people want to live in relative safety, care for their elders, have and raise families well, keep roofs over their heads and food on the table, and lead productive lives. Only when abused welfare is common is there a degradation of man's basic instincts. This is true in dirt huts on the savannas as well as the towering buildings of great cities. It saddens me when people don't see we are far more alike than we are different.

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