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Hi, first time posting, just a quick one, am I the only one who really likes the long pauses Jordan Peterson makes? Seriously, I wish I had the confidence to gather my thoughts mid conversation and it's so rewarding when he does it because you know it's not even remotely a waste of anyone's time.

Reminds me of that move on the old pokemon games... solar beam? JBP is taking in sunlight... opposing pokemon is paralyzed and can't move! JBP unleashes a blinding beam!

twelfty 3 Mar 22

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I like the pauses. You know that he is going to come out with something really profound at the end and you just can't wait to hear it. Keep the pauses coming.


I so agree, he thinks things over carefully before he says what he says, I really admire that about him!


Why I prefer writing

A pause between paragraphs that doesn't exist to the readers can be days, weeks, months and sometimes years for the writer

Example: The Dark Tower series by Stephen King

That was a really good series, one of his better stories. Still think The Stand is my favorite, its the one that stuck with me at least.


I do wish he would stop playing with ring though, lolol ?

Old school fidget spinner!


He pauses to choose his words very carefully as he has said in many videos and interviews. I don't mind them too much as it lets my brain catch up some.


I love this comment 🙂 and yes 🙂


It seems sincere too. It doesn't seem like he is trying hard to look like he is thinking hard. He is genuinely trying to make connections and figure out an answer, regardless of whether he looks wise or intelligent.


My mentor in college used to do this. I would be on the phone with him and wonder if he was still there sometimes. I asked him about it. He told me more often than not people are just waiting their turn to speak again without actually listening to the other person. He said it's as simple as respecting someone enough to listen to what they have to say and giving them the time to say it without interrupting. It was always an uncomfortable pause on my end until I realized how respectful he was being. He was making sure I had finished with my thought, question, etc... And since he actually listened he said his response would be thought out and productive. Then he looked at me and said, have you never engaged in a conversation before? Lol... it made too much sense.


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