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Leonydus Johnson has a perspective worth adopting. We should all be deeply grateful for the opportunity of living this country and jealous of the Liberty it affords us. On Independence Day, he writes:

As a Christian, I believe that even when bad things happen, God can turn it into a blessing. The story of Joseph is a great example, sold into slavery by his own brothers and ended up blessed, becoming 2nd only to Pharaoh in Egypt because of it. God used evil to bring about good.

That clearly doesn't mean evil is excusable, but it does mean that you can find light no matter how much darkness surrounds you.
We all recognize that terrible things happened in the past, not only in our own country but all throughout the world and all throughout human history.

But we should also recognize that none of us would be here had things not played out exactly how they did. Some of my ancestors, like Joseph, were sold into slavery by their own brothers. Because of that evil, I have been blessed to be born into the greatest country in the world.

I say it often. We are a society woefully deficient in perspective and gratitude.

Independence day (and every day) should not be about dwelling on darkness, or worse, adding even more darkness to it, but it should be about perspective and gratitude and seeking out the light.

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Well said.

If you think of it along the Joseph-sold-to-slavery line, you can come to the conclusion that the descendants of those Africans who were brought to the West are having a better life than those who were left. Sadly, they have the racist Democrat Party who continues to engineer the perpetuation of a sense of insecurity and victimhood.

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