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The Democrats are right about one thing . There was collusion . It just didn't fit their partisan political vendetta . Hillary Clinton's criminal activity should get the same intensive investigation that the Trump campaign was subjected to . Influence peddling , Bribery , Fraud , misappropriation of disaster relief funds , destruction of subpoenaed evidence , money laundering , would just be the beginning . Robert Mueller's involvement in selling American uranium to Russia disqualified him from investigating anything . He should be in prison , in a cell next to the Clintons .

Georgesblogforum 7 Mar 25

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Trump isn’t going to sit idly by...Dems and the Clintons are scurrying like the rats they are. Hillary even said if they take her down, half of DC is going with her. Might be the first time she has ever told the truth.

Must have grated her cheese

@Georgesblogforum LOLz


The Clintons sure should be in jail.


I am trying to edit the typos in this post . The Edit button isn't where it is supposed to be , yet .

Found it ! I need more coffee

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