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The new normal could be 'masks forever and no big crowds'

guru 9 July 25

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I prefer the mask Batman wears. You can breath better.


Why worry. Nobody has been arrested for not wearing a mask or gathering in a crowd. People seem to do whatever they want.


Welcome to the "BRAVE NEW WORLD", it has nothing to do with "protecting", it is ALL ABOUT CONTROL!!!! GET IT??????????


I totally understand your use of the word "sad" - I get the point; the sentiment. But somehow to me that sentiment seems passive and apathetic. The things we observe - and the "new policies and regulations" and the fascistic manner in which they are being foisted upon us should IMHO evoke a more powerful emotion than mere sadness.
I for one and angry and fearful and I want very much to fight the looming cloud of socialist, communist oppression. The things that are being to TO us and not FOR us are as illegitimate as is the Biden Administration itself. I myself am feeling much more angry than sad about it all.
IF there is a fight - a place to put my energy and to engage this enemy I will do so.
Feelings of sadness are reserved for if and when the fight is over and we see the battle is lost. That is the time to express sadness. Sadness for loss. Grief for loss. We have not yet lost because we have not yet engaged the greatest threat we have ever encountered - a grave threat to the very idea of "life, liberty..."
Thanks for giving me a place to go on this little rant.

@iThink I get your point as well. I wouldn't assume, however, that sadness is the only emotion I'm feeling about it, even if it was the predominant one at the time I saw this post. We often have mixed emotions about things. This morning, when I saw the post, I mostly felt sad, and an emotion which is not necessarily passive, by the way, and certainly not apathetic. Apathetic people don't care enough to be sad.

Again, I get the point you are trying to make, and I even agree it is also something which should lead to some indignation as well as sadness, but I would encourage you not to read too much into things.

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