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Kamala Harris was quite focused on identifying the root causes of the immigration problem during her trip to South America. Personally i believe that is a valuable exercise. I am perplexed, however, as to why she seems to have zero curiosity about the root causes of disparate outcomes in the black community. I would encourage her to do a deep dive into that realm and then line up her current policy proposals to see if any of them even come close to addressing those causes.

Kindalibertarian 6 July 28

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Why did she have problems during her trip to South America?
Seriously, She has NO experience in “International Relations”.

Why does she have “zero curiosity” about … the Black Community?
Seriously, She has NO experience in “the Black Community”. (She AIN’T “Black” … she’s Asian Indian “Colored” )

She is a moron. This post was obviously a bit 'tounge in cheek'. She said 'root cause' on the South America trip so many times she sounded as stupid as she is. She wouldn't know a root cause if it smacked her right in the mouth.


Don't forget that her family used to own slaves. She is vulnerable to a difficult question if anyone mentions reparations.


Let me get this straight, you expect a Marxist call girl to think? They never think. They earn there place and wealth on their backs. Lying down on the job is a feature, not a bug.

No doubt about that.

She obviously learned that lesson well … judging by her past history.

Maybe that’s why she cackles every time she hits an uncomfortable question?
If she can’t offer sexual gratification to dodge the question, she doesn’t know how to respond.


If she did, her findings would ultimately blame: 1)Systemic racism 2) White Supremacy 3) Donald Trump.


Harris has no interest in ANYONE Not Named Kamala Harris.


Perhaps she can ask Pfizer to develop IQ booster pills.

Shooting fish in barrel -- can't boost zero.

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