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This is pretty messed up:

Marcus_Aurelius 7 Mar 27

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Parents should be cited for abuse if they medically do anything to alter a kids sex before the age of 18. Dysphoria is a condition that most grow out of by the time they reach adulthood. Doctors know this. Sad!


It's called Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria and it's the end result of making transgenderism trendy. Now you will have a bunch of kids looking to fit in claiming to be trans. Radical parents will encourage their children to transition for the woke points and attention. And you will see the trans suicide rate stabilize at 50% or increase. A very complex issue but while neuroscientific evidence isn't "settled," there is strong evidence to support that Trangenderism is indeed a thing and the healthiest thing to do for a trans person is to transition. The evidence for transitioning a child however is nonexistent as of this point, and I have yet to hear a good argument for it. In fact most of the strong arguments against transitioning children come from within the trans community.

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