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Amusing quip ?????

RMSPT 8 Mar 28

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We need to be truthful on all counts. One lie does not excuse another. THere are many reasons to move away from carbon pollution, especially for transport. Our cities are choked with fumes. Imagine if the cars were all electric! We should focus on nuclear power as Bill Gates says and move away from oil which only makes violent middle eastern countries more violent, and chokes everyone.

Whatever you believe about climate change, why continue funding evil regimes with oil money?

@RafaelMspt Not if we use nuclear power. It can be scaled at speed immediately. I am an engineer with a post grad in renewable energy. I have more than the average lay person's understanding of electricity generation issues. I and Bill Gates and many other suggest nuclear is the way to go. Those who are "maths wing" rather than left or right generally agree.


That's Hilarious!

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