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On Nietzsche;
"Nevertheless, this Christ-hater has his own messianic ideal. Only the Messiah he longs for is the Antichrist, a kind of Superman as he calls him, who will be in all things the polar opposite of Christ. “This Antichrist, this conqueror of God,” who will restore to the earth its purpose and to humanity its hope—“someday he will come.”"

Abraham Kuyper: A Centennial Reader

lawrenceblair 8 Sep 1

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Nietzsche did go insane, so there is that.


Not exactly.

Nietzsches supermen are what was once called the great men theory of history. The forces of the anti Christ are the woke who reject greatness.


Nietzsche's hero is working in the world now. The people who think themselves superior to the hoi poli are the ones who make it possible for antichrist to take over the Earth.

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