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Hey folks, I need some help finding a Jordan Peterson video. He did an interview some years ago with a psychologist who had surprising results from studies done with young people. The plan was to bring disadvantaged youth who had behavior and other issues together with those that were less challenged. The idea was that the disadvantaged young people would rise to the level of the others. Just the opposite happened. Can anyone help me find that video?

rswengel 3 Apr 1

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I haven't heard Jordan Peterson say this, but I'm also interested in finding this video.

It sounds similar to some other research that showed that you could predict the physical performance of a class of recruit at the end of training by the fitness level of the least fit recruit at the beginning of training.

I was recently trying to find this particular bit of research recently, but I could not find the source. I think it was done at West Point Academy. Does anyone know the source of the recruit research?


Sounds like the derelict car experiment. You leave a beat up car in a decent neighborhood. People didnt fix the car up; everything around it started going to crap. Theodore Dalrymple wrote a book that had a similar theme concerning British society. I think it was called "From the Bottom Up".

The source for the derelict car experiment is
Zimbardo, P. G. (1969). The human choice: Individuation, reason, and order versus deindividuation, impulse, and chaos. Nebraska Symposium on Motivation, 17, 237-307.


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