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When government enforces civility and manners, the people no longer do, except when enforced. Do the people obey the speed limit? No. The clear majority do not. They push the limit until caught.

Before political correctness, and when the Constitution protected our rights, there were no limits on our freedom, and we respected each other's rights as if they were our own. In a way, they were. Exceptions were ill-mannered people, who the civil gave as much distance as possible. They were the misfits. We all knew who they were. There was something missing in them. Either they were of low intelligence, or their intelligence was unavailable to them because they were too damaged emotionally.

Now many expect the government to make us civil, so most of us push civility to its lowest limits until caught. Now there are so many who do, that the civil would have to avoid almost everyone.

Why do people not simply hold themselves to higher civil standards regardless of the law?

Firstly, how many even know that such a choice has value? Almost half of the latest generation of young adults, almost completely ignorant of history, are unaware of the terrible cost of socialism throughout history. Why are they so ignorant? Those who seek power as the leaders of a socialist movement, have diligently destroyed the true record of history in the US, just as their predecessors did in the former Soviet Union, China, Africa, Cuba, Venezuela....

Then there are the average intelligence idealists. They can easily be convinced that minding other people's business is a matter of fairness. The paradox of that foolish conclusion would be obvious to any intelligent and emotionally secure person. Only respecting other's boundaries, assures respect of our own; something socialists rationalize away in service of giving the government authority over everyone.

The definition of average intelligence is an IQ of 100. That means half of the US are double digit. They can be convinced that the government has money that doesn't come from individuals, one way or another.

Finally, despite the greatest security and wealth in the World, the emotionally fearful turn out to be a very large majority in the US. Otherwise they would never have allowed the un-Constitutional trampling of our rights in a lockdown without proven justification. The surest way to manipulate someone into condemnation of their friends and families, and into abandonment of good conduct, is to convince them without their realization that they have something to fear.

Democrats today stay in power by manipulating all of those groups, and become unimaginably wealthy diverting funds from unaccountable pork projects, far more effectively than Democrat Huey P. Long ever dreamed, as he pioneered such methods. “The only way to make money in politics is if you are a crook.” - Harry S. Truman.

“If there is an idiot in power, it is because those who elected him are well represented.” - Mahatma Gandhi

TimTuolomne 8 Sep 18

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When the People no longer MAKE the Laws
The People BREAK the Laws.

Personally there are TONS of “Laws” that I COMPLETELY Disrespect and Disregard.
I recognize that these “Laws” were made For Idiots BY Idiots.

MANY “Laws” are simply “Regulations” created by UNELECTED Totally Moronic Bureaucrats for reasons that make NO Sense and are Actually Disruptive to the Common Weal.

Those regulations you are decrying are also against the Constitution of the United States. There is no provision within Article I that gives Congress the authority to delegate legislative power to either the Executive Branch or the Judicial Branch. All "laws" enacted by executive or judicial authority are null and void due to their violation of the most basic rules of governance in the Constitution.

I know that in detail.
Unfortunately, if I went on about … everything … that’s wrong, I’d never finish and very few would read it.


Two centuries ago, a somewhat obscure Scotsman named Tytler made this profound observation: "A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. ...the list beginning "From Bondage to spiritual faith" is commonly know as the "Tytler Cycle" or the "Fatal Sequence".


I have always said we cannot legislate morality. Unless a person has his or her own morals legislation only makes criminals out of sinners. The founding fathers wrote that a representative republic would only work for a moral people, and today's Americans are amoral.

I tell people I am amoral, but not really. I hold myself above ALL laws. But I function in civil society because I believe EVERY OTHER PERSON has the same capacity. And my only safety lies in others exercising their restraint, as I do. It is a forlorn hope, but then I have the capacity to defend myself, and the willingness to do so, and that is the difference between me and the masses. I've not abrogated my personal responsibilities to groups that can never actually exercise those responsibilities.

I live my life by ONE “Extended” Rule;

“Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You”

“As Others Do Unto You … Do You Likewise Do Unto Them”

I won’t strike a person FIRST but I WILL Hospitalize the SOB that swings on me.
(Uh … NO I DON’T “Fight Fair” in a “Fight” there are NO “Rules” … well, one … “WIN” )

@tracycoyle You admit that there is a morality in respecting the rights and lives of other people. Those who are truly amoral have difficulty with the concept of "other person." They see themselves as the only person and all others are merely others.

@Bay0Wulf, Bruce Lee is attributed with the saying, "Fighting never proves who is right. The only thing decided by a fight is who is left. Always fight to be the one who is left."

@FuzzyMarineVet I agree, but it has seemed, over the years, that too many people only believe that morality comes from religion...everything else is 'situational morality' and is therefore not real.

@tracycoyle True morality comes from a healthy conscience taught by loving and caring parents. Religion is usually a fake scam to beguile to gullible. A real believer, no mater which faith, will not respect religion but form a relationship with their Creator and walk with the same as Enoch did.


Sadly in an age where dishonesty has become the norm and is announced constantly in the news it seriously discourages ethics of any kind. We are also living through the age of deception and the obscene wealth of celebrities, sports persons and the elite are rubbed in our faces daily if one was not raised with ethics and a guiding religious practice most see little point in it. "Nice guys finish last" has become rule of the day. Add to that wages compared to cost of living leaving so many in the dust, constant marketing encouraging consumerism and debt further degrades life styles of huge segments of the population. Finally, a society where large segments grow up in damaging households, grossly perverted public education and the overall breakdown of society, just where is the value of ethics truly encouraged or even taught. (Sorry for the ramble).

Made me laugh the issue of speed limits. I have a lead foot and only after having to pay a few heavy fines did I finally figure the best move was to determine the "limit over" range for attracting fines, and to stick slightly below that range. Patience slowly grew using this method. Darn I miss the lead foot 🙂

U satisfied that urge in high school by drag racing on a sanctioned dragstrip. There are plenty of places that teach the fundamentals of stock car racing, drag racing and CART racing. You could save up some pennies and go out for a weekend to exercise the lead foot.

@FuzzyMarineVet Frankly, had my life been different, I am and was always a prime candidate for an adrenaline junkie lifestyle.

My Dad was the terror of the neighborhood in his muscle cars, until a Trooper stopped him one day and asked: "Why don't you quit pretending you're bad and fast, stop competing with the wives and kids in those SUVs, and take up racing with the big boys? Well, he did, and he won a lot. And he became a lamb on the highways.


Hard to see how any conceivable government could reasonably represent a group of people with as little in common as the population of the US.

The U.S. Government exists to protect individuals' rights from one another.
That government should see, and treat, each adult individual as a generic "Citizen"... nothing more.
Any differences between any two individuals are none of the government's legitimate concern.
It should make no difference whatsoever how much, if anything, they have "in common". Insofar as it does make a difference... we're doing it wrong.

The dysfunction begins to spiral into tyranny when the government is abused to advocate for one or more of those "differences" at the expense of the counterpart; using its inherent Force to meddle in the private/cultural sphere where it doesn't belong.
In doing so, it violates its own mandate of "Equal Treatment under the Law".

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