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"Jung's thought was formed by early family influences, which on the maternal side were a blend of interest in the occult and in solid reformed academic theology. On his father's side were two important figures, his grandfather the physician and academic scientist, Karl Gustav Jung and the family's actual connection with Lotte Kestner, the niece of the German polymath, Johann Wolfgang Goethe' s "Löttchen".Although he was a practicing clinician and writer and as such founded analytical psychology, much of his life's work was spent exploring related areas such as physics, vitalism, Eastern and Western philosophy, alchemy, astrology, and sociology, as well as literature and the arts. Jung's interest in philosophy and the occult led many to view him as a mystic, although his preference was to be seen as a man of science."

KyleRiebe 4 Apr 2

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Personally, I think we need to get back to Freud. Cocaine, guns and a healthy respect for the Irish! Lol

Jung, while very interesting, is not as much fun. Lol

Elaborate please ?? Hahah I'm quote new to Jung but I'm readin Modern Man In Search Of A Soul. Pretty good but whats tis about Freud being crazy ??

@Limitmanjagers Oh God! Freud was nuts. Lol He is well documented as using and prescribing cocaine. His beliefs on guns was basically if as a man you don't carry a gun, you basically have sexual issues and hate your penis. As far as the Irish, he is quoted as saying all people can be categorized except the Irish. Lol


I need to learn more about Jung, If like to read a book but I worry I'm not smart enough to understand

Thanks @graesvol

@graesvol Thanks for this, I'm the same as MWhite.... I worry it would just completely pass me by and I'd merely be looking at words on a page. I'm reading "Modern Man In Search Of A Soul" and it is hard to comprehend at times, even for a small book it takes longer simply trying to mind map all the complicated verses !

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