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Our saga continues with another thrill-spilling episode:
Dems Want to Abolish the Electoral College or You Can Beto Your Honorary Hispanic Ass on Socialism.

So… the Democrats want to Abolish the Electoral College.
Most of the dems are on the same page on this issue. The nigh unto unanimous homogeneity of thought, speech, and talking point on the Left is oft eerie. (Someone is taking the whole Echo Chamber thingy a bit too literally.) It's also a mite macabre watching candidates who push collectivism try to distinguish themselves as individuals.

Still… Beto has just taken the lead in this inane issue. He's justly earned the utter envy of his peers (and not just because he can give people who read sign language a seizure.)

No, Beto has made that Mobius contortion of logic and somehow managed to tie Racism to the Electoral College.

"This is one of those bad compromises we made at day one in this country. There are many others we can think of and they are all connected, including the value of some people based on the color of their skin.”

Beto O’Rourke went on further to suggest that the continuance of the College was perpetuating that original skin-connected sin and that if we eliminate the College we are one step closer to repairing the damage.

He is either ignorant of the history of the Electoral College... or he thinks we are. Perhaps he took the same history courses as Ocasio-Cortez?

So in one swell foop, Beto has linked the specter of racism and the suggestion of reparations to the democrat’s desperate attempt to disenfranchise the “flyover” states.

Beto, man that was some hep rhetoric... except for uhmm… that logic thing. Unfortunately Beto’s ratiocination skills are slightly less honed than his skateboarding skills. I think he's been hitting the regenerative dirt a bit too hard.

Progressive confessor
he atones for his sins
in amazing race.
Skatin’ the stage, feelin’ the wave
he gestures in surreal semaphore.
Waxing with an ersatz Latin glamour
he romances the camera.
he climbs the counter
in consonance with his lofty thoughts.
High atop the table top…
talking naught, not slowly,
baby it's all guacamole
that he expects us to swallow.

An_Ominous 7 Apr 3

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