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Very good analysis, but don't PC leads to intellectual stasis, like in North Korea, rather than never ending change?

Or, do I get the author wrong?

"The bonfire is an important dimension of what travels under the label “political correctness”: the war on permanence. The label, to be sure, can obscure as well as illuminate. It has been deployed to protect patent incivility and to assail simple decency. But it also denotes a genuine phenomenon according to which language and policies that were widely employed and endorsed yesterday are, with astonishing suddenness, execrable today.


This faith in the now arises from a boundless confidence in contemporaneous reason that in turn implies a conception of man as the measure. It is not possible, or perhaps it is not necessary, to believe in reason’s limitations when man is not accountable to anything that transcends himself. The notion of permanence, and its transcendent nature, imply limits to human reason that the cult of progress cannot accept, for permanence declares there are some things reason cannot change or fully comprehend."


Edwardsson 5 Apr 3

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If new ideas can't be voiced, how can they be heard and accepted?

That's exactly my point too. Maybe the author just phrased himself wrong, but that would through his whole thesis under the bus, so to speak. Maybe he means that the PC mob in their hunt for looking ever "better" will push themselves over an intellectual cliff?

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