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God to me is defined as the universe, even if he created the universe, it is simply an extension of God and the universe and God are one and the same. The reasons put forth is that the universe is real, the concept of God is imaginary. The universe is never ending, it goes on forever with no end in sight, that is mind boggling and REAL, and bigger than the biblical concept of God. The universe is so big that the concept of time is imaginary, there is no time. The universe is constantly changing, change is a constant. Time is defined as the rotation of the earth around the sun. The universe simply is and does not recognize time, only change. The fact that we exist is truly amazing. Since there is no time, there is also no space. We create space with imaginary lines and boundaries. Space is neverending and goes on forever, there is no wall locking the universe in. Unlimited traveling, expansion through the universe with no end in sight. I feel comfortable knowing there isnt an end or a box locking us in, it simply is mind boggling that this exists, the universe, the concept of God and heaven pale in comparison.

Beachslim 8 Oct 2

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That kind of belief system has a name. It's called pantheism.

I'm not exactly pantheist, but when people say god I find it useful to replace with universe..

@Beachslim This might help


@eschatologyguy I don't believe the universe is god perse, but find it useful when for example people say: god is looking out for you, instead say, the universe is looking out for you. Although technically, the universe doesn't really give a shit, but, people are part of the universe, and its a nice thought anyway

The fact that the universe doesnt seem to end, and even if it did, if we are in a box, and nothing is outside of it, is fucking crazy. Existence exists. And there is no end to the universe so there are other worlds out there, etc.

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