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Twitter is a GARBAGE platform that kept me in a hostage state for years. I was Shadow banned, hidden, suspended non stop, black sheep stamped & my follower count suppressed.

This was no different than my state of existence under Islam where I was hidden, shamed, ignored & punished repeatedly for expressing different views.

It was the same existence...a non existence.Twitter has become a platform of addiction to chaos & noise. It has lost its ability to serve good.

OneGodlessWoman 7 Apr 4

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Iman, I see you have made your Twitter account private. Have you completely given up on it? I only ask because I sent a follow request to you, there.


Do you think the company or top owner of the domain company,who owns twitters domain is behind this? was supposed to be against censorship but was told to remove a photo or their actual domain would be removed. I have tried to find the actual owner of the company but can’t...I think the censorship is bigger than these companies. It’s global. Like UN global. If just one domain company owner would really allow free speech...just one...


I don't use Twitter or FB anymore. Bad censorship targeting only one group.


I tried a while ago to sign up after seeing some comments I wanted to reply to but all my email addresses were already taken by some scammer seller of crap i appealed to Twitter they said sorry we won't help you. so I have never had a twitter account. Curious why people keep using it if all they really are is just an echo chamber for sjw progressive? why bother? don't use them then they will become irrelevent. eventually. 🙂



I never had any desire to use Twitter. Maybe I'm just too old because it just seemed overly complicated and restricted to me. I could see some value to some of its features like seeing what was trending, but it was just kind of alien to an older news junkie like me who grew up on bbs boards in the pre-www days and spent most of my time on forums and message boards after that. I never had a use for it until I saw that Donald Trump, then candidate and eventual POTUS was using it to bypass the MSM's filtering and dilution of his message, allowing him to speak directly to the people whenever he wants. To this day that is my only use for it. Other than that I just don't like it. It annoys me more than anything.


I deleted my Twitter account at least five months ago. What a miserable platform! I did set up a Gab account but don't use it often. I, personally, don't like the feel over there.

I have a FB account but have been slowly getting off there over the past few months.

Other than FB, rarely Gab and IDW, I don't deal with any other platforms. I've found that all other platforms do not encourage or promote intelligent, respectful and honest discussion. I'm hoping IDW will be a place that is aligned with my current season of growth.


Totally agree! I would get anxious within the first 2 minutes of use. So many people so focused on what they have to say, no one even fully reads another user’s tweet. It’s like trying to watch a major news network, to get actual NEWS. Everyone’s screaming over one another, spewing their opinion, in efforts to surpress their “opponent’s” view, to an extent it sounds like tomcats fighting over a female in heat! To add to the chaos, what little you end up taking away from the experience is sharply biased. Twitter (and major media) can take a long walk...

The whole 288 character message limit on twitter seems designed to prevent meaningful, constructive, discussion. It’s just enough space to insult someone and move on. There is never really a chance to get to know anyone.


It’s impossible to disagree with your assessment of the Twit. I never bothered with it and you just articulated the precise reason why.

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