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The NEW YORK TIMES front page story claims that unnamed sources with unknown relationships to unnamed investigators on the Mueller team made unsubstantiated claims that the unnamed investigators made unspecified complaints about the Attorney General’s description of the Mueller report but won’t say what those complaints are.

butwhy 5 Apr 4

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The NYT is at the head of the line of all the Fake News Cartel.......... Well, a step behind CNN....


Love Andrew Klavan


No collusion, no obstruction. Now the left is even more angry. Digging in and getting nothing done. TDS is still active. The cure: stop behaving like victims.


NYT burns it candle in both ends doing this since stories like this also regularly turns out to be false. Not that I care for them, but, who the h*LL is in charge of that newspaper... A clown or an idiot???


@BrunosDad a Swedish proverb, meaning that you do damage to yourself either by working too hard or lying in a way so it will definitely be revealed.


TRUMP 2020 May the force be with you all.


Unbelievably, there are still many morons out there who believe the New York Times.


At this point, most of these pseudojournos have too much invested in fabrications to change narratives now.

I don't think they want to change narratives. They're all in. They're demogogues. Fanatics. Political activists and operators. They're not conceding. They're doubling down.


Speaks to their investigative reporting.


I am a conservative and I believe in freedom of speech.u


Welp, that settles it. Straight to prison with everyone. Case closed. Bravo to these brave reporters and their critical witnesses.


And we all know THE NEW YORK TIMES and thier deserved rep for publishing FAKE NEWS

Those that think the NYT is a fount of truth, well there's koolaid for that


There are thousands of reasons to criticize the US President, but this is now a complete waste of time:
2 years
500 search warrants
500 interrogations
2,800 subpoenas
25,000,000 dollars
0 actionable evidence of collusion
0 evidence to proceed with charges


The newspaper who still celebrates Walter duranty. Enough said.


Some on Mueller’s Team Say Report Was More Damaging Than Barr Revealed


What happened to reporting FACTS ?

The love left doesn't work with facts.

The unknown facts are being reported unknowingly.

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