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Dah! U.S. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh is perplexed and struggling to explain the U.S. worker shortage following the release of an anemic September employment report.


TyKC 7 Oct 11

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Doubt if it would have been worse with Trump in control ,not looking good with Biden as you go down the gurgler.


Let me help. Your government twits have been paying people to stay home, now you are telling people who want to work and be productive that they can’t work unless they get the forced “vaccine” that many of them don’t want.

I think you have it backwards. The government paid people to stay home until the vaccine became available. They no longer do that. The vaccine is not available for school aged children and many mothers don't want to send their children to school unvaccinated. So, they stay home. Upon the arrival of the delta variant, many vaccinated people don't want to work closely with the unvaccinated. And many unvaccinated people don't want to go to work for fear of exposing themselves to the virus. The attempt to force a vaccine in the work place is simply an effort to try to make the workplace safe and to encourage herd immunity. It's probably misguided, but the intent is noble. Let's take one for the team doesn't seem to play anymore in the U.S since half the people here hate the other half. So, it come to this.


Trump would never have allowed this shitshow to happen

No, his would have been worse.


Worse than Biden...right now??? Are you freakin kidding???

@Sensrhim4hizvewz No. It's rare in this day and age that incumbent presidents don't get reelected. Clinton, Bush and Obama were all reelected. A president has to really screw things up badly not to be reelected. Trump wasn't reelected because of the way he handled Covid, unless you are one of those people who think that the election was stolen from him, in which case you simply live in a dream world.

Had Trump still been president, there would be many more unvaccinated people and that would have led to one of two things: 1) There would have been a forced lockdown similar to the one prior to the vaccines, and the government would have been forced to step in with another bailout; or 2) hospitals would have been massively overrun and deaths would have skyrocketed. About 600,000 people died of Covid in the U.S. on Trump's watch. That number is down to about 100,000 on Biden's watch. As is, there are pockets in the country where hospitals are overrun, where large concentrations of unvaccinated people live, but it could be a lot worse. Moreover, companies are hiring or trying hire. That means they feel good about the safety of their workplaces. Some people are still hesitant about returning to work. But things could be a lot worse if businesses didn't feel that way, which they surely wouldn't in a Trump world. There was simply too much uncertainty in a Trump world and businesses don't like uncertainty.


Are you pinning this on the "unvaccinated"??? Sweden, Denmark, Norway and other nations are FULLY OPEN with vax rates of 75-80%. Had Trump been president, we would be on our way out of this pandemic after two years...NOT 6 times the cases as last year. Trump would have initiated treatment protocols that the Dems have outlawed on social media and fewer people would have been in hospital. Ivermectin would be available to everyone CHEAP!

You are pushing a mainstream narrative that comes right from the desk of Bill and Melinda Gates

@Sensrhim4hizvewz Oh yeah, just like when the U.S. had 10 times the infection rate of any other country when he was president. Not sure where you get your stats, but Sweden, Denmark, Norway are nowhere near those rates. Ivermectin doesn't work, at least, so far. The Dems don't outlaw anything. That's science, not politics. Hey, the truth is the truth no matter where it comes from.


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