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That’s how SOCIALISM starts! Shortage of most needed items, like food, water and hygiene paraphernalia, then the long lines to get what you can. Right now the ships 🚢 are not able to dock, The excuse being no ppl to unload the marchandise! “Oh no worries we so happen to have millions at our borders who are dying to go to work! Sure sure then 10 more millions will come to knock at the revolving door. Yeah that’s the Biden Administration solution alright!
Punishment the citizens and keep them from working bcz they are not vaccinated and put unvaccinated illegals to unload the docks. I hope all merchandise rot and sink under the sea. This administration is corrupt to the core and anti citizens.

Saigon2o 7 Oct 13

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Next stop: the culling?


Concerning the container ships it is also a union thing, you can't step foot on the dock unless you are a union member their contract is up in July plus there is a fight over bringing automation to the docks []
Look at what happened when the steel union blocked automation from coming into the mills in the late 60s early 70s.


America is going to regret manufacturing so little.

There is plenty Made here but consumers have to make an active effort to seek them out and are willing to pay a few dollars extra.

@TheHerrDark Well if they stop China from selling us the use once and throw away in a week or two then ppl will see that in the long run made in the USA last longer and cost effective. We need to go back to the old mindset. And save the planet by the same token. Save the planet 🌎 Crush China

@Saigon2o but that is on the consumer, the consumer is the ones who bought the cheap stuff and think about which consumers are buying this "cheap" stuff.
The retailers would not sell it if consumers didn't buy it.

@TheHerrDark Just it stop enticing consumers with availability of cheap and cheaply made merchandise, and open market for USA made long lasting items.?

@Saigon2o Still the consumers' fault, they have to practice what they preach and it is so easy to find Made in the USA items, there is even a specialty store in NY that only sells fully MitUSA, it is their fault and only their fault if they are so weak in the head they can't buy items that are quality.

@TheHerrDark You’re a bit hard on the American consumer. Trump started to bring back factories to produce and hire Americans enough products here means lower prices for the average consumer to buy American and stop those containers from China. The country needs to be bustling with production. This administration is doing the opposite. It’s discouraging small business from thriving with regulations and high taxes. Why don’t they regulate Chinese sweat shops ? Because they are hypocrites. Only Trump has the cojones to stop this madness.

@Saigon2o As a consumer you have to be an active participant in buying MitUSA or it won't work, talking the talk is not going to get it done, this is literally, a put one's money where their mouth is situation.
With the net, it is so easy to find MitUSA.

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