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CNN reporter: Lightning Struck A Pygmy Marmoset Named Peggy. This is Trump's America.
Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Is Shrinking. This is Trump’s America.
That’s not much of an exaggeration. Apparently the comment “this is Trump’s America” is an appropriate response to anything negative.

The headline from a North Alabama TV station read, "Racist note allegedly left for black family in Florida hotel." Included with the story is a picture of a note.
Color me aghast.
Here we have not merely another incidence of petty racism being elevated to national newsworthy status but an incidence of alleged racism elevated to that threshold.

The first predictable if not yet inevitable comment under the story was "This is Trump's America."
Yep. Media-bait… hook, line, and sinker.

A little tip for the Media… Before you begin a campaign of manipulation you might want to look up the meaning of the word “subtle.” Note that subtle is not a synonym for blatant.

Again, the not so subtle, (the not even within shouting distance of subtle), message / method here is to keep the awareness of prejudice unblinkingly in the public eye. These nationally “newsworthy” stories are hardly subliminal. They're not just ubiquitous they’re clumsily obvious.

I'm just guessing here but I think the relentless media blitz is trying to send me some sort of message.
It's a little bit fuzzy but the vibe I'm deciphering seems to be something to the effect of...Trump is the quintessence of evil incarnate. If evil were sugar he would be Captain Trump Crunch.
The character of this walking, golfing evil made utterly unmistakably, manifest is possibly perhaps in some wise somewhat akin to Nazism?
The vague phrase "Literally Hitler" may need some clarification.

Also, since I am somewhat extraordinarily percipient I am also hazily picking up on the media's intimation that racism might be fairly prevalent / omnipresent.

Also, I believe that the media is intimating that Trump himself is racist, and possibly racism itself? Not sure on that one. But my spidey-sense is deciphering the encrypted message that Trump is in fact so racist that he is omni-responsible for random acts of racism that may not have actually occurred.

Having gleaned this Eureka-I-am-Woke realization, I am intrinsically and explicitly admonished to act upon these Revelations, so that I might be / claim to be Successively More Woke Than Thou.

As I understand matters, in order to anoint myself and don the mantle (or pussy-hat) of political correctness and thus wield the paradoxical power of most sacred hatred I should... join the Resistance, chant the phrase Diversity Is Our Strength and fervently pray for the Blue Wave?

After performing such penance I am given to believe that Hillary shall grant me absolution. (I’m not sure if I have to tithe to the Clinton Foundation or if just saying 100 Hail Hillarys will suffice. I’m sure that the Mass Prophet Media will make that clear to me in due time.)

Having been pantsuit-sanctified then girt in virtue, sojourning / stumping in virtual ye shall know me not by my deeds but my voice, chanting the mantra Ohm to show my Resistance. (Oh, I'm not actually supposed to say ohm. That part is tacit. When the Media wants my opinion / mantra they will give it to me.)

Then so instructed in the way that my feet and fingers shall go, I shall wait in the high / cyber places, and when the iniquitous of differing opinion should appear I will righteously Acosta them… er accost them.

Deafened with the polemics of Pelosi I shall reject their facts and smite them yea even with platitudes. When they speak in rational cogent tongues, I shall denounce them thrice and close my eyes with holy dread… no wait, I will er I mean shall call them yea even racist.
I will recite the letters LGBTQMIAXYZ-gamma-upsilon as if everyone or anyone knows what they stand for… er...
No, I mean I will recite those the Acronym Identities to upbraid and castigate the hetero-normatives for not revering the gender fluid alphabet.

(A little fuzzy on that last one too. I might need to consult the Holy Writ on that one. How To Be A Liberal For Dummies.Or I could watch Don Lemon... he is an embodiment of the Word.)
Waxing ad hominem I shall call unto those who are yet Woke to subject the Differers to ever so holy harassment.

So… I think that’s the gist of the whole 12 stumbling step program. I might be glossing / tripping over a few steps. I think that the essence of this Woke thingy is to cleave to the chosen media, and call those who don’t deplorable, irredeemable racist redundant Nazis.

Message received loud and clear.
Woke Utopia sounds like such fun. Don’t sign my ass up.

An_Ominous 7 Apr 5

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I wonder if you can be Woke on the wrong side of the bed?

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