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Losing Your US Citizenship Is Too Hard

Being a naturalized US citizen, am appalled by people going through this long, hard, and expensive process just to turn out bad Americians. And with this I don't mean that you may fail in life and end up on welfare, or anything like that.

No, I mean people who don't like their new home country and/or still keep their first priorities elsewhere, like this one:[]

"Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar is facing backlash after her speech at a Muslim rights group’s event in which she described the September 11, 2001 terror attacks as “some people did something.”
Omar spoke at a Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) fundraiser last month, where she called upon other Muslim Americans to “make people uncomfortable” with their activism and presence in the society and criticized the Jewish state."

Now, as an immigrant to the US, you can be denaturalized. The rules for this are listed here [] , but they are very tough. In this case, I guess we could get rid of Omar in accordance with rule #3 by tying her to some Islamist group, but, I say that's not enough.

There should be a 5th, more general clause saying that you lose your US citizenship "in obvious cases of misguided loyalties" (or something like that -- am not a lawyer, so I leave it to other to come up with a good formulation here).

Or what do you think!

Edwardsson 5 Apr 10

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Let's make it simple: DEPORT ALL CRIMINALS and leave the prioritization at the discretion of our great ICE agents!

Ya... that don't work so well. As they deported me for a 27 year old crime of marijuana trafficking, in Canada. I was present during a sale and got charged. Long story short... I was classified as an aggravated felon who commited a crime of moral turpitude and was a danger to the public, and a risk to US security. So, there has to be a case by case provision. Otherwise shit that happened to me becomes rampant.

@Furtry09 I'm for legalizing marijuana, so in my world, you would be safe. I don't mean petty crimes like this, but obvious disloyalty to your new country. That's a huge difference.


Once we agree to bring someone on board we also agree to take responsibility for that person. We don't want to create an underclass of citizens (which is why our southern border needs to be corrected).

I think Omar's voice needs to be heard and I wish we had a press that was interested in broadcasting it. Our main stream media probably still thinks Charlie Hebdo was just a misunderstanding.

I'm not sure I agree. As an immigrant, I take on a responsibility to adapt to the country I'm moving too. Sure, immigrants should have all the rights of a citizen (after becoming one) but you also have some special responsibilities. If you, like Omar, seem to clearly like other countries/cultures more, I question your loyalty to your new country. This don't mean slave-like adaptation, but a certain level of assimilation, yes. Also, as member of Congress, she has a better platform for making her case heard than most...


I feel the disconnect occurs from the distinct differences in culture. Previously, most people who immigrated the the U.S. were from similarly influenced cultures (Western Europe). The Islamic belief system, where government and religion is closely linked, is incompatible with our principles.

At least Islamists. For them, their religion makes it impossible to place America first... More moderate Muslims can probably make the right choice. But, I agree. It's much harder for Muslims than anybody else...

I want to make one thing clear. I have no problem with Muslims immigrating to the U.S., or anyone else for that matter. But if after raising your right hand, and swearing allegiance to our founding principles, you demonstrate a desire to countermand the ideals of liberty and justice for all, then I think it’s time for you to go.

@Harpoon Hear! Hear! How could Americans vote for that woman to begin with??

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