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Ole Uncle Bernie became a millionaire in a Capitalist society while touting the wonders of socialism. He is the perfect example of a socialist mind set. "I am up here on the hill looking down on you, the garbage who put me here."


AZWoman 7 Apr 10

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ol bernie knows how to WORK THE SYSTEM. he did not have a job until he was elected mayor and has lived off different women(diff wives) until that time.--he has been a presidential candidate several times, but he never will be elected.----he makes his millions from the campaign money. when running a campaign as a presidential candidate you can pay yourself a salary from the campaign money and that is where he gets his $. hell in the last campaign he even got a new house.---he will never be elected and he knows that.--just spew a lot of nonsense and collect your $----------he is a professional candidate


Yep, this thing they call The American Experiment of self-governing has not provided the happiness some pursue, as our founding documents ensured. There is an easier and quicker way to pursue happiness, wealth redistribution by the force of a select few masterminds. Bernie leads the way! Where the hell are we going, and at what cost? Is liberty a thing anymore?


I'm so gratified to know that when Bernie Sanders benefits from capitalism it's only fair and proper, but when other people do it's crass exploitation of underprivileged proletariats.

He is a hypocrite, he is a millionaire and owns a few fancy homes. He wants to change the system but he has his 2 feet firmly planted in enriching himself. Laws are only for the little people.


If socialism is so great why didn't he give his book away for free?

Ummm MONEY???

Good one,

The funny thing is a million dollars isn't even a lot of money. Perhaps his presidential run is his retirement plan so that he won't die a pauper LOL.

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