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Understanding the Psychology Behind the COVID Pandemic

DinsdaleWalden 8 Dec 19

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The serious break up of Our Society … Our Social Structure … began in the 1960’s.

Some people point to the breakup of the Family Structure as the “beginning” but what I saw first was the Dissolution of Neighborhoods caused by Neighbors who didn’t want to seem to be intruding on their Neighbors’ … their Friends’ … Personal Business.

Where before, if a Neighbor was in some sort of trouble, Neighbors and Friends came together … banded … in order to offer assistance … to help … it seems to me that Very Suddenly these Neighbors and Friends began to withdraw. It seems that it was considered a Greater Kindness to leave Your Neighbor the “Personal Dignity” of figuring out their own problem.

I would note that it was in this time period the “Government” began creating and promoting hundreds of Social Programs … “We’re the Government and WE’RE here to HELP You …”

The break up of the Neighborhoods, the Families, the Public School Structure … (Fracturing)
The creation of Mass Media (TV) Programing, Simple Video Games … (Basic Self Imposed Solitude)
The creation of Involved Video Games, Home Computing, Internet (Basic Self Imposed Isolation)
The creation of Cell Phones, Texting, Social Media (Advanced Unnoticed “Connected” Isolation)

Today, Very Few People have “Physical Friends” … People or Peers … that they can discuss their thoughts, ideas, problems with … face to face in real time. Very Few People have Friends who can help them … to Manually “Lend a Hand”.

Today, people seem to consider a name and an icon on a screen to be a “Friend” … MANY TIMES Not Even Having EVER Met the Actual Person!

People now have HUNDREDS of such “Friends” but often Don’t Know ANYTHING about the People in Their Neighborhood … about the People NEXT Door.

Mass Psychosis is pretty easy to understand when you realize that people are relying on the opinions of dozens or hundreds of Screen Names and Icons to form Their Own thoughts and opinions.
People are relying on Electronic Media to be Their “Sounding Board” which can … maybe … offer opinions or ideas but they are of unknown quality.
Electronic Media can’t offer a supporting touch, realizable empathy, heartfelt sympathy or really, any sort of actual, recognizable Emotional Support or Feedback.

I’m pretty sure it has been conclusively proven Thousands of times that Most Living Creatures NEED Physical Contact … Physical Touch … and without they Develop LOTS of Psychoses.


Exactly what is happening! Well stated and informative! Started our own communities locally to work together in a parallel society which includes many professionals that see this mass psychosis! When your country starts hauling citizens away without a charge and place you in so called quarantine or intermittent camps against your will, force vaccination with an experimental drug, it’s not freedom but tyranny! When governments start demonizing the unvaccinated and the hypnotized jump right in, then it is just like the beginning of the Nazi regime all over again!
I think once children start to perish, strokes, heart attacks or other serious side effects, then people will wake up! Unfortunately it will take the murder of children before the hypnotized will awaken!


Some of it is good a lot of it is just vague rubbish and conspiratorial scaremongering.. With conclusions that frankly are not in the least mine or of any of my friends and most people I talk to.
So we can't all be hypnotised or suffering from Mass formation psychosis.
Many in the media and many politicians have carried on like chicken littles but the vast majority of us IMO don't and never will.

@Lightman Many of us ARE resistant to Mass Formation Psychosis, but from what I see, a majority of people are not. Even to the point where many people who you think you know would be resistant are disappointingly programmable. Very few of my friends who have had the clot shot will admit to me that it was against their better judgement and that they had to do it in order to be able to keep their jobs. Even many who initially said that they never would get it suddenly change their position the second that they give in..

@DinsdaleWalden Well I'm not lying and many people are even protesting about it so it's not a minority.


This seems to explain why one of the most corrupt and divisive Prime Ministers Canada has ever had was re-elected.

Scandal after scandal, the greatest debt our country has ever seen, an elitist that has no concept of how difficult it is for any other class to cope financially, and yet, there he is, creating more division and debt.

A classic example of the old joke ‘how do you know a politician is lying…his mouth is moving’…

There were many things: lack of opposition to him. If Harper had stepped down, snd they found another decent candidate, but I'm not sure.
It was Trudeau winning the leadership. I forget the contenders, do you?
In 2016, Trudeau LOOKED good, seemed PHYSICALLY adept, fit, charming, pretty wife, stable marriage...then.
I just don't know who could oppose, and he knows that; same now.
Justin is dynanmic(in a bad way) but the others are insipid, take their good salaries and be
His background is stellar ( in tyranny), think Castro. Power figures, think Pierre. He sold Canada out also, set the stage, right?
Justin yearns to join billionaires, and robs the poor to give to the rich.
One of his close pals, Obama just got 100 MILLION DOLLARS from
Jeff Bezos(for his unconventional library). Obama and Michelle have 'arrived'. Will they still know/want to know Justin?
Soros guides him.
I believe (that's all) that Justin will be brought down, by whom? when?
I believe (again just my belief), things are moving fast.
You've noticed he's not well received? That, again my belief will play a part in his demise.
I have little hope for better, though, do you?
Canada is a loser country, not sure why.

@2FollowHim Yeah but Justin is a moron.


George Orwell Was far ahead of his time.


Even though I've heard it's a scamdemic etc., it's not just a scamdemic.
I'm hunting around here. Almost as if it's covering up something else going on.

We tracked our winter travels and saw for several years they were getting worse at
every stage. Toxic. This happened for 3 years?, before Wuhan, whatever happened there?
Will we ever know?

Wuhan put a seal on it: don't travel was the takeaway for us.
So, we're kind of out of everything and it's the best way under the circumstances.

Yes, I feel some..fear ? suspicion?, and side stepping it is strange, zn alone thing, but far better.

I don't know if I'll ever meet someone sincere who likes discussion.

I think there's loss there, but it's better under the circumstances.

Personally I wouldn't want to have made the mRna vaccine seeing how misused it was.

Oh, you've heard about the real and simple vaccine?

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