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Obama is and always was a fake.
His grand ma Sarah in Kenya, died in her little taudy in her village, never once visited the WH . He must have been ashamed or afraid the press get hold of her. What difference does it make really, He’s already the President of the most powerful country on earth. If he didn’t respect his grandma, how can he respect yours? The most fake president this country has ever seen. And the worst. Yes the worst because his common core was the beginning of our demise. The nucleus of Marxism. Biden is nothing by the peon ♟in this game of chess, he can only move one square in either direction. Pion worth one point. Weak. Got to be clever to checkmate with a ♟.

Trump did !!! He knocked all the big pieces one by one on the debates stage then single handedly faced Da
KING 👑 2016 a date written in stone

Saigon2o 7 Dec 21

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I wonder what Bill Ayers thinks of the rape of Libya.

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